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Keep Engaged with Dad when He Hires Home Care Services

Home Care Services in Schnecksville PA It may have taken a while to convince your elderly father to consider hiring home care services. You did your homework, researched the various services they can offer, and even found out some information about things they do to support seniors within the comfort of their home. At first, you might’ve been providing the type of care he needed at home, not realizing the benefits of professional caregivers. Or perhaps you felt it was your responsibility to ... Read more

Help Your Elderly Parent Continue to Explore the World

Elderly Care in Whitehall PA Traveling can be a great way to learn about other people and cultures, and just to see parts of the country and the world that you might not know about otherwise. There is only so much that can be learned from a book or a television program, or through reading about a particular place on the internet. Rather than restrict life to those things, many people like to travel to the places they have heard so much ... Read more


MONTAUK, NY—Star Multi Care Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Sternbach, and Chief Financial Officer, David Schoenberg  hosted their annual Administrator’s Meeting at the beautiful Montauk Yacht Club last week.  Fifteen of the company’s management staff attended the three-day event. During the “Meeting of the Minds” themed event, Stephen and David took to the Boardroom to review the previous year’s successes, as well as to develop new and improved programs for the upcoming fiscal year.  The primary discussions this year included evolving health care ... Read more

Three Reasons People Choose Home Care Services and Why It’s Such a Great Decision

Home Care Services in Emmaus PA The vast majority of people who recognize the need for some type of assistance for an elderly loved one take on the role of a caregiver themselves.  They do this mostly because they don’t fully understand what professional in home care services can offer. Below are three of the key reasons why people ultimately decide to hire an in home care provider, usually through an agency. It is important to recognize the difference between an independent ... Read more

Tips for Hiring Elderly Care

Elderly Care in Macungie PA There are many reasons why family members decide to hire elderly care services for their aging parents. Some of these reasons include the following: The members of the family do not have the proper skills or training to care for their aging parents. The aging parents no longer have family members living near them, nor do they have close family friends who are able to become caregivers. Members of the family do not have room in their schedules to provide ... Read more

Elderly Care: Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Elderly Care in Emmaus PA Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that affects each person differently. It is a devastating illness that is very complex in nature. In some cases, the disease progresses very rapidly, while in others, the full progression may take more than 20 years. There are many symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, as well as five stages. Understanding this disease can be difficult, so elderly care providers who care for clients with Parkinson’s disease may want to read on ... Read more

Three Things Home Care Services Can Do with an Elderly Client at the Library

Allentown, PA - Three Things Home Care Services Can Do with an Elderly Client at the Library February is Library Lovers Month and for anybody who relies on home care services, making a trip to their local library could be a fun day out and about. There are many things that libraries offer people of any age, particularly elderly individuals. Many libraries are now interconnected, so having a membership at one location could enable the client to have access to other facilities.  This ... Read more

Are You Feeling Guilty For Hiring Home Care for a Loved One? Don’t and Here’s Why.

One Daughter Feeling Guilty for Hiring Home Care for her Dad near Emmaus, PA The sun shines and even through the cold winter chill you enjoy the warmth of the rays on your skin as they pass through the glass. Forget that the windows are dirty and stained; it’s a beautiful day, but you can’t fully enjoy it. You’re not working (it’s your day off) and you have absolutely nothing to do, yet you can’t stop feeling guilty. Your father had a minor ... Read more

Are You Struggling Taking Care of Your Child who Is Battling Cancer, or Another Disease? Learn How Pediatric Home Health Care can Help.

Pediatric Home Health Care near Easton, PA – When Your Child Needs Trained Medical Care Because there is yet no known cure, the word cancer can strike fear into the heart of any parent. For most children though, survival rates are fairly optimistic. 75% of children who are diagnosed will be able to conquer this disease and go on to live out a normal life span. When you need some extra special home health care for your child who is battling cancer, pediatric ... Read more

Do You Worry About Everything? Learn Ways to Help Deal with this Emotion.

Senior Care near Easton, PA – Worry Less and Enjoy Life More! Many people worry more than they should. This can be detrimental to a person's mental health. There are ways that people can deal with chronic worrying. Here are some tips on how to enjoy life and be happier. Caregiving can be a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding. If you do need extra help, don’t hesitate to bring in senior home service for assistance. Be Close to Other People Facing ... Read more
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