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How Can You Manage the Stress of Being a Parent to a Special Needs Child?

When you're a parent to a special needs child, you have way more on your plate than you ever expected to have to manage. This means that you're going to have to find a way to manage your stress levels rather than simply ignoring it and hoping that it goes away. Visualize Positive Solutions to Problems It's really easy to get caught up in the negative possibilities that accompany problems, but you don't have to get stuck there. Take a few minutes to ... Read more

How Can You Keep Your Preemie Healthier During Cold Season?

Premature babies are susceptible to all sorts of illnesses, especially during cold and flu season. There are some things that you can do that can help to lessen the risk of your baby getting sick though, even if other people around you are catching colds. Wash Your Hands Frequently One of the best ways for anyone to avoid getting sick and passing along germs is to wash your hands often. If this isn't already a habit for you, it might take some getting ... Read more

New to Being a Caregiver? Here are 5 Tips to Help

Often times a person becomes a caregiver very suddenly. An older adult family member may suffer a sudden illness, like a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis. When that happens, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do next. If you’re new to being a caregiver, here are 5 tips to help you get started. #1 Find Sources of Support You probably have a lot of questions about being a caregiver, and throughout the course of your caregiving journey, more ... Read more

Are Probiotics Good for Elderly Adults?

The popularity of probiotics has skyrocketed over the past decade, and more people than ever are finding relief from common digestive issues. While probiotics are appropriate for adults of all different ages, many family caregivers wonder if the supplements are appropriate for elderly adults. When family caregivers learn more about probiotics, they can bring it up with their loved one’s doctor and adjust the elderly care regimen if necessary. What are Probiotics? Everyone has different kinds of bacteria throughout their gut. There are ... Read more

Can Elder Care Help Your Parent Stay More Active?

Staying active is a critical part of your aging parents staying healthy as they age in place. Regular activity is not just good for your parent's body, but also for their mental and emotional health and well-being. This m eans that an active lifestyle is a cornerstone of maintaining health and well-being, a high quality of life, and a body that resists many health conditions and challenges. Starting elder care for your aging parent is a fantastic way to encourage them to stay ... Read more

De-Stressing Tips for Family Caregivers

As a family caregiver for an elder parent, you are definitely facing a number of new responsibilities. Merging the needs of an elderly person into your current family life, job and leisure time can be difficult and stressful. Many family caregivers report feeling extremely busy and overwhelmed when they start taking care of aging relatives. It’s common for caregivers to feel extreme stress, which can have negative health effects. The best way to make the caregiver process easier and better for ... Read more

Could Your Stress Shorten Your Dad’s Life?

You're worried about your dad's stress. Studies have found that chronic stress damages the body in multiple ways. Dr. Elissa Epel of the University of California and Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel Prize winner, have been studying the effects of stress on the body. One of the biggest discoveries is that stress does affect a certain part of the chromosomes that deal with how cells age. With chronic stress, the enzymes that help cells repair themselves dwindles and causes the cells ... Read more

Relaxation Techniques to Manage Caregiver Depression

Being a caregiver to an aging parent can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in life. On average, caregivers spend 24 hours of their week performing caregiver tasks. Being a caregiver can be very stressful. Sometimes being a caregiver causes people to ignore their own health and give up things they enjoy. As a result, 40 to 70 percent of caregivers experience depression. One of the things that doctors may suggest during recovery from depression is the use ... Read more

How Can You Plan Ahead for a Senior Who Has Incontinence?

If your aging adult has been staying at home in order to avoid having embarrassing situations pop up due to incontinence, having a plan can help her to feel more comfortable. Here are some suggestions that can help. Think Through Everything Your Aging Adult Needs It can help to do this part on paper, but you'll need a list of everything that your elderly family member might need to help her deal with incontinence while she's out and about. Some of the ... Read more
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