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What Should Be in Your Parent’s First Aid Kit?

As a family caregiver to an older adult, it’s important that you be prepared for an emergency—even a minor one. If your elderly parent does not currently have a first aid kit in their home, it’s a good idea to prepare one and have it on hand. Having a first aid kit will allow you to quickly deal with minor cuts, burns, and other problems. Caregivers can purchase an already assembled kit, but it’s easy to put your own together, which ... Read more


On March 27, 2019 Ric Williams was recognized by over 200 of his peers and colleagues from across the Commonwealth at Pennsylvania Homecare Association Direct Care Worker Event. The day was culminated as Ric passed on the prestigious award of the 2018 Direct Care Worker of the Year to the 2019 recipient. His speech and encouragement to his peers was heartfelt. “Live each day with love in your heart and enjoy it”, he instructed. Words of wisdom he not only uses ... Read more

What Can You Do to Make Tube Feeding Your Baby Easier?

Feeding your baby through a tube may feel really odd at first, but for babies who must take their food this way, it's vital that you learn what you need to know. Learn as Much as Possible about the Process Tube feeding is scary the first time or two you see it happen. Doing it yourself might be even more terrifying for you. But without learning how to manage this process, your baby won't get the nourishment she needs. Talk to your baby's ... Read more

When Elderly Relatives Desire to Quit Smoking

When Shawn’s 78-year-old father expressed a desire to quit smoking, Shawn didn’t think it was going to be possible. After all, his father had smoked almost his whole adult life. However, recent health scares and advice from the doctor finally convinced Shawn’s father that he needed to quit. Even though the family members all expressed an interest in helping their elderly relative reach his goal, Shawn knew they would need a lot of help from many different places to help his ... Read more

The Best Way to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Family caregivers have a higher than average risk of developing caregiver burnout, which is a serious health issue that is brought on by chronic stress and via neglecting beneficial self-care activities. Family caregivers have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to looking out for the welfare of their aging relatives. Often, these daily duties are so much that family caregivers can’t find any time for themselves. With caregiver burnout, family members jeopardize their physical and mental health. Fortunately, there are a ... Read more

Talking to Your Parent About Starting Home Care Services

Part of being a family caregiver is making decisions for your aging parent. These decisions are not always easy, but they can be extremely important for helping your loved one cope with their needs and challenges and live a high quality of life. One of the most important you will make is whether it might be time to start home care services for your senior. There are many reasons why you might be considering integrating a home care services provider into your ... Read more

Managing Arthritis Pain in Winter

If your elderly family member's arthritis pain is worse in winter, she might need to look at a few other solutions to help manage the pain. As the weather warms up, she may find her new routine is still helpful. Talk with Your Senior's Doctor The first step to managing arthritis pain in winter is to talk to your senior's doctor. This is especially crucial if the pain she's experiencing is new. Her doctor can take a look at what you're already trying and put ... Read more

What Do Seniors with Lupus Need for In-Home Care?

If your aging relative has recently been diagnosed with the disease known as lupus, you may be faced with an overwhelming amount to information about how to help them navigate their golden years with the condition. Seniors with late-onset lupus will have to make some significant lifestyle changes to manage the condition, and you won’t be able to support them all by yourself. As you are arranging for in-home care for your elderly loved one, investigate the option of a home ... Read more

Extended Family Care’s New Year Wishes

Extended Family Care extends our sincerest thank you to our referral network who trusts us, our clients who have chosen us and most importantly, our employees who have made us the successful company we are today. Thank you all and we hope you have a healthy and prosperous 2019.     If you or a loved one are in need of Homecare Services in Allentown PA or the surrounding areas, contact the caring professionals at Extended Family Care of Allentown. Call today at (610) 200-6097.  Read more

FAQ’s About Seasonal Affective Disorder in Seniors

You may have heard of someone having the winter blues, but when people experience depression related to the winter months, it might really be a medical condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Elderly adults are particularly susceptible to SAD, especially those that struggle with physical limitations and depend on family members and senior care providers for assistance. Family caregivers should learn how to spot the signs of SAD in their elderly relatives so they can take steps to remedy the ... Read more
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