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Discussing Finances with Your Elderly Parent: Where to Start?

If you are starting to take care of an elderly parent, one of the things you may need to discuss with them is finances. There are many aspects of their finances that you may want to talk to them about. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all elderly parents are keen on discussing their finances with their adult children. You may need to take things slow and ease into the conversation. Talk Before an Emergency Occurs It is important ... Read more

A Heartfelt Thank You Goes Out To Our Dedicated Employees

We want to personally thank each of the amazing employees at Extended Family Care for choosing to continue your dedication to our mission and for your commitment to ensure the safety and health of each of our clients. Home Health Care has become a frontline force in the fight against the Corona Virus. It is in times like this that our appreciation and admiration are heightened. Each day you go to work your selfless and compassionate nature shines and we realize ... Read more

Benefits of Yoga for Elderly Adults

There are many activities that elderly adults can do to stay healthy or to improve their health. One of these activities is yoga. This activity brings many senior citizens joy, more flexibility, relaxation, and more. When caring for your elderly loved one, having them practice yoga can help them in so many different ways. It might even be helpful for your elderly loved one if you or their elder care provider practices yoga with them. Do What You Can In many exercise programs, ... Read more

An Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

An Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) A message from Extended Family Care President/CEO, Stephen Sternbach **************************************************************************************** To our valued Clients and Employees, In these times of uncertainty, we want you to know that the safety and health of clients and employees are always a top priority. Now more than ever, our business is you. As we continue to monitor developments and navigate through these challenging circumstances, we want you to know that you can rely on us always to put your health and safety first. One of ... Read more

Why Does Diabetes Put Seniors at Risk for Kidney Disease?

Diabetes can cause many health problems for older adults. Perhaps one of the most dangerous is kidney disease, or nephropathy. Kidneys that work well are extremely important to good health since they filter toxins from the body. When kidneys are damaged by diabetes, they can break down and lose their ability to effectively remove waste products from the blood. Diabetes and Kidney Disease Diabetes is among the top risk factors for kidney disease. In fact, about 25 percent of people who have diabetes ... Read more

What Can You Do for a Senior Battling Depression?

Your senior may be closer to developing depression than you realize, for so many reasons. There’s a lot of loss involved in aging and that can manifest as depression. There are other contributing factors, too, such as medical conditions and even side effects from medications that she’s already taking. But what can you do if your senior is fighting depression? Talk to Her Doctor about What She’s Experiencing Your senior’s doctor is the best place to start if you either suspect or know ... Read more

Checking for Unmet Needs with Dementia

There are millions of people who have dementia all over the world. The problem is that many people who have dementia have needs that go unmet. This might be the case for your aging loved one, as well. It is important that you check for unmet needs in the person with dementia. If you can’t check for these unmet needs, make sure their home health care provider does so. If these unmet needs can be determined, someone can work to fill ... Read more

5 Things You Can Do as a Long-Distance Caregiver

When Eliza’s 82-year-old father suffered a stroke, she hated that she lived so far away from him that she couldn’t help her siblings with his physical care. She knew they were taking on a lot of extra work to ensure their dad was participating in his stroke recovery while also leading a good and happy life. Eliza worried that her siblings would be resentful of her inability to care for their father. Then she heard the term “long-distance caregiver” and discovered ... Read more

Can Tech Make It Easier to Age in Place?

Advancements in technology are getting a lot of buzz. The belief is that technology may make it easier and safer for older adults to age in place. Is this true? With technology, there are pros and cons. Some things can keep your parents safer. They need to understand how to use these devices correctly. Here are the devices they should consider and what they need to know about using them. Medical Alert Systems and Smart Watches You can invest in a medical alert system ... Read more


The Holidays always seem to bring us joy and as we reflect upon the appreciation we hold for our wonderful clients, staff and community partners. We truly feel blessed to work with each of you. Thank you for making us the successful company we are today. May 2020 bring you and your families the healthiest of minds, bodies and spirits throughout the upcoming year.   Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays, Your Friends at Extended Family Care   If you or a loved one are ... Read more
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