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Yes, a Disabled Adult Can Benefit from Various Home Care Options

In the realm of home care support services, most of the conversations involve elderly individuals. As people get older, they will face increasing challenges in life. Some of those challenges can be physical, medical, or emotional. Yet, home care options are not just reserved for the elderly. They can also be available to disabled adults. There can be a number of reasons why a person is disabled. It could be due to a medical issue, accident, or health emergency. Age isn’t the main ... Read more

Acknowledging Your Physical Limitations to Caring for Your Senior

Home Care in Pennsylvania As a family caregiver you always want to give your aging parent the level of care that they deserve to ensure that they remain safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy as they age in place. While you are fulfilling these needs, however, you might find that you are not able to give them the type of care that they really need due to your own limitations. Caring for a senior, particularly one who is dealing with a variety of ... Read more

Importance of Avoiding Hospital Readmission for Your Aging Parent

Home Care in Pennsylvania A visit to the hospital is something that most elderly adults go through during their later years. For many, however, this is just the beginning and the “revolving door” routine that might come next can put them at extremely high risk of suffering serious consequences after their discharge. Hospital readmission is the situation when someone is discharged from the emergency room or hospital, but then returns within 30 days. This can put them at very serious risk of ... Read more

What Home Features Could Improve Your Care Journey?

Home Care in Pennsylvania As a family caregiver it is your job to do everything that you can to help your senior maintain a quality of life that is fulfilling, healthy, and comfortable as they age in place. While much of this will rely on the efforts that you put forth, you can also improve this care journey and enhance your care efforts through the features of your parent's home.   Some home features that can improve your care journey with your loved one ... Read more


Home Care in Pennsylvania Star Multi Care Services celebrated another profitable year in the business of Home Health Care.  This year will commemorate their seventy eighth (78th) year providing in-home services to the residents of New York, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  For the past 30 years, the company has been owned and operated by Stephen Sternbach who is pictured above (front row in purple) with his management team. Stephen holds a retreat each year to allow his management team to evaluate the previous ... Read more

Tips for Choosing Spring and Summer Recreational Activities for the Elderly

Home Care in Pennsylvania The warm, sunny days of spring and summer are already here, and it’s the perfect time to shake off the winter blues and start enjoying the sunshine and great weather. Of course, if you’re going to pick out some activities for your elderly loved one, you want to pick out activities that will benefit them. Family members and elder care professionals can use a few tips to ensure they choose the best spring and summer recreational activities for ... Read more

Do Your Parents Each Need Their Own Home Care Provider?

Home Care in Pennsylvania If you are on a home care journey with your aging loved ones, you might be considering hiring a care provider to help you handle some of the care tasks that your seniors need in order to keep them safe, healthy, happy, and comfortable as they age in place. This care provider can step in to fill in care gaps by being with your parents when you are not able to be with them because you live at ... Read more

Home Care Tips: Keeping Illness at Bay in the New Year

Home Care in Pennsylvania The beginning of a new year is an exciting time to be on a home care journey with your elderly loved ones. This is a time when you get to look ahead to all of the opportunity and excitement that the year holds for you and start making plans for how you are going to make the absolute most of it for yourself and for your aging parents. With everything you are doing to pursue goals such as ... Read more

Home Care Tips: The Importance of Flu Vaccines for Seniors

Home Care in Pennsylvania Whether a cold or the flu develops, any illness can be serious once someone reaches the age of 65. The reason behind the severity of getting sick as an elder is because the immune system becomes weaker with age, causing the body to be defenseless against infections, germs, and bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that an estimated 80 to 90 percent of seasonal flu-related deaths occurred in people over 65 and older, as well ... Read more