How Do You Know if Moving in With Your Mom is Right for Your Family?

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When a parent needs care, moving often makes sense. Whether you’re moving in with your mom or dad or you’re moving a parent in with you, it’s easier to provide care. While it’s an easier path, is it always the right one?

Elderly Care Paradise PA - How Do You Know if Moving in With Your Mom is Right for Your Family?

Elderly Care Paradise PA – How Do You Know if Moving in With Your Mom is Right for Your Family?

Does the Home Have Space?

If you live in a two-bedroom home and you have children still at home, be realistic about where your mom would sleep. If you don’t have the room, you’ll be crowded and privacy would become an issue. Would she argue with you over your household rules?

In that case, you’d have to consider selling or renting out your home and moving in with her. That’s considering that she has the space in her home. If you move in with her, she’ll have her own household rules that you’d have to follow. Could you handle that?

Is Everyone Willing to Adapt to the Changes?

How flexible are your family members? If your mom is stubborn and not willing to bend, people are going to have to cater to her demands. Would this put a strain on your relationships? Would your children appreciate having to change their typical routines to do what their grandmother demands?

How Much Care Does She Need?

The amount of care your mom needs may impact whether it’s a good idea to move her in with you. If you have bedrooms on one level and main living areas on the other, is she able to walk up and down stairs? Can she still get in and out of the shower independently or does she need help to transfer from a wheelchair to a shower seat?

Your mom may need things like an entry-level bedroom and bathroom, a stair lift, or wider doorways and hallways for wheelchair or walker use. If you don’t have the money for these changes, you need to consider other options.

Have You Thought About Personal Time and Social Activities?

If you do move your mom into your home or vice versa, one thing you cannot ignore is the need to have respite care services. You’ll need to take breaks. That break could be a long weekend away with your significant other and children or just an afternoon alone to run chores. You might want a night off to go out with friends.

To arrange this service, call our elderly care agency. An elderly care specialist can go over the hourly rate and any terms and conditions you need to know. It’s best to book respite care before you’re worn out and desperately need it.

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