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Four Issues You Might Need to Face After Your Senior Moves In

If you and your senior are changing her living situation to one in which she lives with you, there are some emotional and mental changes that come along with that physical shift. You might not even notice them until they show up unless you know what to watch for. Adjustments Need to Be Made Everyone who lives in the home is going to need to make some adjustments. Some people are going to be more adept at this than others are. Everyone in ... Read more

When Might it be Time to Seek Homecare Help?

Carrie was widowed at 68. Her husband had just retired the previous year. They had been diligent in working and saving for retirement. She had admonished him to retire earlier, especially given the fact they were financially set, but much of his meaning and purpose in life was rooted in his profession. It was difficult for him to let it go. When he finally did let it go, it was only a few months before that massive heart attack overwhelmed him ... Read more

How Do You Know if Moving in With Your Mom is Right for Your Family?

When a parent needs care, moving often makes sense. Whether you're moving in with your mom or dad or you're moving a parent in with you, it's easier to provide care. While it's an easier path, is it always the right one? Does the Home Have Space? If you live in a two-bedroom home and you have children still at home, be realistic about where your mom would sleep. If you don't have the room, you'll be crowded and privacy would become an ... Read more


Whether you take care of children, an elderly parent or work for a home care company like Extended Family Care, you probably have come to realize that caregiving can be as stressful as it is rewarding. We want to help you reduce the stress of caregiving and for you to start taking care of you. We have found a FREE program aimed at taking care of caregivers called, Think Caregiver, that will benefit you, your client and your family members. In nature, ... Read more

Four Pointers for Helping a Senior Cope Gracefully with Health Challenges

Health challenges can take a lot out of your senior mentally, physically, and emotionally. If she doesn’t have a series of steps she can take in order to deal well with those challenges, they’re going to take an even bigger toll on her. Find Ways to Express Her Feelings Appropriately Health challenges are going to happen and they’ll possibly happen more frequently for your senior as she continues to age. If she’s not expressing how she feels in ways that are appropriate, that ... Read more

Eating These Foods Can Protect Liver Health

A healthy liver is important to the overall health of your aging relative. The liver performs several key functions in the body, such as helping to remove toxins from the body. It also plays a role in metabolism, storing vitamins and minerals and producing bile. Just like every other part of the body, what your older family member eats can affect liver health. Eating certain foods, such as those below, can support and improve the health of their liver. Coffee Scientific research suggests that ... Read more

Why Does Cholesterol Matter?

High cholesterol is a common occurrence in older adults. However, it’s possible to have it without even knowing since it causes no symptoms. Because it is a symptomless condition, you may wonder why it matters. The truth is that having high cholesterol is a risk factor for many serious conditions. When you understand more about high cholesterol and what can happen when it’s not kept in check, you may feel more confident as a caregiver. Total, Good, and Bad Cholesterol Cholesterol has a ... Read more


On March 27, 2019 Ric Williams was recognized by over 200 of his peers and colleagues from across the Commonwealth at Pennsylvania Homecare Association Direct Care Worker Event. The day was culminated as Ric passed on the prestigious award of the 2018 Direct Care Worker of the Year to the 2019 recipient. His speech and encouragement to his peers was heartfelt. “Live each day with love in your heart and enjoy it”, he instructed. Words of wisdom he not only uses ... Read more

Can Your Diet Help Ease Arthritis Pain?

Among men and women in the U.S., it's estimated that around 54 million have a form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis (worn cartilage in the joints) is the most common form and affects 31 million. Exercise is important when you have arthritis. Your parents may not want to get up and move around, but that's best. Pain relievers are also helpful in managing the pain. Your parents may need to lose weight. Most importantly, they need to focus on the foods they eat. Foods ... Read more

Who to Call When Seniors Need In-Home Care

Many elderly adults need other people to help them out with daily tasks around the house that may be too challenging. Physical and cognitive decline is common in old age, and sometimes seniors are struggling with more than one illness, injury or chronic condition. Family caregivers are an excellent resource but may not be able to assist all the time. When aging adults need someone to help them out with in-home care, they should consider hiring elderly care providers. How to Know ... Read more
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