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What Can You Do if You Suspect Your Senior Has COPD?

If your senior is experiencing shortness of breath more often, is coughing a lot, or seems to be getting sick more often, you might have started to wonder if she has COPD. COPD is a chronic and progressive lung disease that can take a tremendous toll on her body and on her ability to continue to live her life the way that she wants. Quit Smoking Smoking is incredibly common amongst people who have COPD, but it’s not a guarantee that your elderly ... Read more

Four Pointers for Helping a Senior Cope Gracefully with Health Challenges

Health challenges can take a lot out of your senior mentally, physically, and emotionally. If she doesn’t have a series of steps she can take in order to deal well with those challenges, they’re going to take an even bigger toll on her. Find Ways to Express Her Feelings Appropriately Health challenges are going to happen and they’ll possibly happen more frequently for your senior as she continues to age. If she’s not expressing how she feels in ways that are appropriate, that ... Read more

Why Does Cholesterol Matter?

High cholesterol is a common occurrence in older adults. However, it’s possible to have it without even knowing since it causes no symptoms. Because it is a symptomless condition, you may wonder why it matters. The truth is that having high cholesterol is a risk factor for many serious conditions. When you understand more about high cholesterol and what can happen when it’s not kept in check, you may feel more confident as a caregiver. Total, Good, and Bad Cholesterol Cholesterol has a ... Read more

Managing Appetite Loss from Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can cause a lot of difficult side effects. One thing that can happen is your aging relative may lose their appetite. The smell and taste of food can change for them, too. They may also experience nausea and vomiting. Throat and mouth problems can make eating even harder. Though eating may be difficult, it’s still important that the older adult gets enough nutrition. Using the following tips can help to improve nutrition during cancer treatment. Talk to the Doctor Before you do ... Read more

How Might Parkinson’s Disease Impact Your Elder’s Sleep?

The approximately one million people throughout the United States who are currently living with Parkinson's disease all have their own journey and experience with the disease. The symptoms and challenges your parent faces, and the rate at which they progress through the stages of the disease, are all very personal to them. There are some challenges, however that are common among a large percentage of people dealing with the disease, and one set of these is sleep challenges. In fact, experts estimate ... Read more

What Is Lyme Disease?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported each year. However, the number of people who actually contract the disease is probably higher because some cases simply are not reported. Lyme disease can cause serious medical problems, especially if it is left untreated. Knowing more about the disease could help you to recognize it in your aging relative and get them the treatment they need. About Lyme Disease Lyme disease gets its name because ... Read more