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What Can You Do to Feel More Informed as a Special Needs Parent?

When you first find out that your child has special needs, you might feel a little bit lost. This is perfectly normal, but there are still some things you need to do in order to become better informed. Ask Questions The simplest way to start arming yourself with information is to just start asking questions. Don't worry about whether you're asking silly questions or not. When you need to understand a situation or you need information, there's no such thing as a silly ... Read more

Where Can You Turn for Help When You’re Overwhelmed After the NICU?

If your baby has just been released from the NICU, you know how overwhelming that can be for you and for the rest of your family. You might need different types of help, but where can you find it? Your Own Doctor Your own doctor, whether that's your primary care physician or your OB/GYN, can help you to find resources in your area that can help you as a parent of a NICU baby. If you're concerned that you're experiencing depression as well ... Read more

How Can You Find Quality Time with All of Your Family Members as a Busy Parent?

When you're a parent, especially to special needs children, you may feel as if you never have time to simply enjoy being with your family members. Having a plan for making the most of the time and the energy that you do have is paramount. Establish a Family Night Family night is a great time to consolidate some quality time. This is really helpful during the week when everyone has taken off in different directions and finally has some time at home. Family ... Read more

How Can You Deal with Post-respite Emotions and Issues as a Parent?

If you're a parent of special needs children, you need to be taking advantage of as much respite time as you possibly can. The fallout from taking respite time can be enough to make you think twice the next time, however. Sometimes you might even feel as if it's better all the way around to skip out on respite time, but you'd be wrong. Allow Yourself to Feel the Emotions You're Experiencing The thing about emotions is that they aren't good or bad ... Read more

Five Symptoms of Sensory Delays in Children

Many special needs children might have a delay in sensory development. This might mean that your child doesn't see, touch, and otherwise experience the world around her in the way that you would expect. Recognizing what those sensory delays looks like, can help you to pinpoint issues your child is having. Touch Sensitivity Touch sensitivity might show up when your child is touched by someone else, held, or even when she's near other people. You might notice that she's sensitive to touch because ... Read more

Is Taking Respite Time Difficult for You as a Parent of a Special Needs Child?

If you're a parent of a special needs child, you may have found taking time away from caregiving to be almost impossible. This difficulty becomes even more complicated when what you really need is just a break and you feel guilty for stepping away at all. Consider Why it's Difficult for You to Take Time Away If you're having a difficult time with the idea of respite time, you need to sit down and figure out why that is. Some of the reasons ... Read more