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How Can Pediatric Home Health Care Help?

Pediatric Home Health Care In Lancaster City, PA – Her Favorite Teddy Bear Carissa’s favorite teddy bear Carissa is a little 8 year old girl who was used to being sick. She had never had a very strong immune system and had health issues since birth. When Carissa came down with pneumonia, she was hospitalized. It was pretty scary for her parents the first few days, as Carissa battled the pneumonia but didn’t yet show signs of improvement. She slept most of the ... Read more

Learn Why Cranberries Are So Important to Our Urinary Health?

Elderly Care in Lancaster City, PA – Benefits of Cranberries The studies showing cranberry juice helps prevent bacteria from starting a urinary tract infection have already been established for a few years now. It’s still new to some people though. Since taking cranberry extract or drinking lots of cranberry juice is such a benefit to urinary health, it’s good for everyone to know about it. Cranberries fight infections There are active ingredients in cranberry juice that aren’t destroyed in your digestive system when you ... Read more

Elder Care in Lancaster PA: 3 Tips for a More Restful Night

Elder Care in Lancaster PA When stress about aging and health conditions are weighing on the mind of an elderly individual, it could be difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep. There are also other contributing factors that can prevent a person from getting the proper shut eye. What you eat or drink before bed can affect your sleep pattern. Use the following diet tips to increase the chances of a senior who needs elder care getting a better night’s sleep: Avoid ... Read more
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