What Are the Most Common Types of Fires Your Loved One Might Encounter?

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It can be terrifying as your loved one’s family caregiver to smell unexplained smoke or to hear later that your loved one had a small fire at home. When you understand some of the most common types of fires that might affect your elderly loved one, you can take steps to make sure she’s as safe as possible.Caregiver-in-Mt.-Lebanon-PA

Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires are extremely common, particularly if your elderly loved one forgets that she’s left a burner on or if something flammable is left too close to the stove. One way around this is to offer to cook for your loved one and to make sure that she can easily reheat her meals in the microwave. Make sure that you loved one has a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and that she knows how to use it.

Fires Due to Smoking

If your loved one smokes, this may be one more reason to try convincing her to quit. Forgotten cigarettes or the ash from a lit cigarette can be all that it takes to accidentally start a fire. Make sure that your loved one has a safe place to extinguish her cigarette butts and that she doesn’t leave her lit cigarettes unattended.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires can seemingly pop up with no warning at all. They can be a common problem in older homes with wiring that hasn’t been properly maintained. Overloaded electrical outlets and older appliances can also be a source of electrical fire. If you can, it might be a good idea to have a licensed electrician double check your loved one’s home wiring.

Fires Because of Alternate Heat Sources

Alternative heat sources, such as a space heater or a kerosene heater, are another potential fire hazard. In the case of electric space heaters, they can often be just the appliance to overload an outlet since people rarely unplug other items before plugging in the space heater. Heaters that use flammable methods to operate them, such as kerosene, are dangerous and should be used with extreme care.

Look into local programs to help your loved one’s home remain safe from fire. Many fire departments offer free inspections.

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