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What Do You Need to Know about Sunscreen and Your Preemie?

A little bit of sun helps the body to make the vitamin D that it needs, but too much sun is disastrous. This is especially true for your preemie. Here's what you should know about using sunscreen on your preemie or older baby. Age Makes a Big Difference The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that infants younger than six months of age should not use any topical sunscreen. Once your child is older than six months of age, talk to your pediatrician before ... Read more

Caring for a Parent is a Family Job

Have you stopped to think about how much time family caregivers spend helping a parent? About 25 percent of caregivers spend more than 40 hours helping parents out. The majority spend 24.4 hours each week. If you're also working or caring for your children, it becomes overwhelming. When you're a family caregiver, it really does need to be a family job. It's not ideal if only one person is handling the bulk of the chores. Create a To-Do Chart The first thing a family ... Read more

How Can Positive Thinking Improve Your Dad’s Health?

There's no doubt that positive thinking makes you feel better. It also affects your health. According to John Hopkins Medicine, positive thinking can reduce the risk of a heart attack. It improves your mental health and helps with anxiety and depression. A happy outlook can also help improve the outcome following many chronic health conditions like cancer and stroke. How Do You Get Your Dad to Think Positively? When your dad isn't accustomed to a lot of positivity, it can be hard to ... Read more

How Can You Tell that Your Preemie Is Maturing?

By default, a premature baby is still working on maturing. That takes some time and some patience on both your parts. These clues can help you to learn when your preemie is starting to become more mature. Your Baby Is Overstimulated Less Often All babies can get overstimulated by what's going on around them, but preemies are more likely to experience overstimulation far more often. This happens because their brains and their bodies are still catching up. It's jarring for these babies to ... Read more

Could Pediatric Home Health Care Do More for You than You Think?

Often parents avoid hiring pediatric home health care providers because they're just not sure how they can help. Even if your routines and plans are trying on you and your energy, you may feel that they're the best plan you've got for right now. It doesn't have to be that way. Laundry Help Laundry never seems to end in any household, but that situation can be even worse if your child needs frequent clothing or bedding changes. If you aren't able to keep ... Read more

How Can You Deal with the Very Real Fear of Leaving the NICU?

The NICU can be a scary place, but once your baby is stabilized it becomes a safe haven for both of you. Now that it's time to go home, you're excited but probably also a little bit scared. There are things you can do to help allay those fears. Let the Nurses Know You're Feeling Uncertain You might feel odd about letting the nurses know you're feeling uncertain about leaving the NICU, but it's something that they've heard before. They will be able ... Read more

How Cold is Too Cold for an Elderly Adult?

With the cold weather approaching, it is likely you are concerned about keeping your elderly loved one warm and comfortable. As a family caregiver, you may have heard about the dangers of cold weather for senior adults, and you want to make sure your parent stays safe and healthy throughout the season. This may leave you wondering how cold is too cold, and how to tell if your aging parent is experiencing hypothermia. When most people think of hypothermia, they think of ... Read more

Help Seniors During Organize Your Medical Information Month

When elderly relatives accumulate a lot of medical history, it can be difficult for family caregivers to keep everything straight. Because elderly adults are more likely to interact with different doctor and experience health issues, it’s wise to compile all their medical information into one convenient location. That way doctors will have a complete picture of the health history before treating the aging adult. October is Organize Your Medical Information Month, so it’s an excellent opportunity for family caregivers to tackle this ... Read more

How Can You Respond to People Who Are Cruel about Your Child?

As a parent of special needs children, you might find that some people say things that aren't very nice. They may do this out of ignorance or because they just don't take the time to be kind. Whatever the reason is, how you handle the situation can make a world of difference. Try to Mentally Step Back from the Comments It isn't always easy to step away from mean comments, but it can be an important first step. Chances are very good that ... Read more

What is the Importance of Helping Your Parent Leave a Legacy?

Many elderly adults struggle with feeling like they are no longer relevant, or that they no longer make a significant impact to the people or world around them. They may worry that they will not be remembered, or that their family will push them aside. This can be extremely distressing for a senior. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to support your aging parent, and help them to recognize that they are still valuable, and that they will continue ... Read more
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