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Tips for Keeping Your Senior’s Home More Secure

Many elderly adults are living alone for the first time. Their partner might have died recently, they are no longer raising children, and may for the first time be in their home by themselves. Even if they are not alone for the first time, new challenges, limitations, and needs can make it more difficult for them to feel secure and confident living on their own. They may be nervous when they are by themselves, or you may worry that they are ... Read more

Do You Have a Checklist for Bathroom Safety?

Busy caregivers get interrupted frequently, which makes checklists an easy way to make sure you haven't missed anything. Some of these tips might need to be on your bathroom safety checklist. Install Grab Bars in the Tub and Near the Toilet The toilet area and the tub or shower stall are two of the spots in a bathroom in which your senior is likely to be the most vulnerable. If you can install grab bars in these areas, then your elderly family member ... Read more

What Can You Do if an Aging Family Member Drives with a Suspended License?

For some seniors, a piece of paper isn't going to keep them from driving. If that describes your elderly family member, you may be forced to take additional action. Talk to Your Senior about Why This Is so Dangerous Depending on the reasons that your elderly family member is no longer allowed to drive, she may feel as if she can still do what she likes. The problem, of course, is that this can be dangerous for your aging adult and for other ... Read more