How You and Your Elderly Loved One Can Ditch Excuses for Not Exercising

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Elder Care in Pittsburgh PA: How You and Your Elderly Loved One Can Ditch Excuses for Not Exercising

Exercise is pretty much on everyone’s “to do” list, but it’s not so easy to incorporate it. In fact, you might find yourself saying one or more of these excuses when you don’t exercise like you want to. If any of these sound like you or your loved one, there’s still hope.

“I Hate Exercising”

Very few people really love exercising, so this one isn’t really a valid excuse. What can make a big difference is for you and your loved one to find exercise activities that you enjoy so that it doesn’t feel as much like exercise. Having an afternoon dance break, for example, can get both of you moving and it can be an awful lot of fun. So try to be creative.

“I Don’t Have the Time”

As a family caregiver, you might use this reason often. And it’s probably true to a certain extent. You’re balancing a lot and adding exercise to your daily routine means upending your routine a bit. Find some extra help. You might be able to offload some tasks to other family members or maybe it’s time to finally hire an elder care provider to help out.

“I’m Not Healthy Enough to Exercise”

Both you and your elderly loved one need to visit your doctors and talk to them about your current health. You might not be in the right shape to run a marathon this weekend, but that doesn’t rule out exercise altogether. By starting slowly and on the right exercise plan and frequency for your current health, you’ll grow stronger and be able to bump up your exercise regimen later.

“Exercise Hurts”

Your elderly loved one might be the one feeling the hurt more than you, but if you’ve injured yourself during your caregiving duties or with other health issues, you might feel similarly. Find out what is causing the pain and work with your doctor or your loved one’s doctor to find the right solution. You might even need to working with a physical therapist to help one or both of you exercise without pain.

“I’m So Tired”

Either you or your elderly loved one could be saying this one, too. The thing is, the more active either you or your loved one are, the bigger an energy boost the exercise is going to return. Exercising more also helps you to sleep better, which is a huge benefit if either you or your elderly loved one have been having trouble sleeping.

As you start to exercise more, both of you will start to rely on it. It’s a great time for you to catch up with each other, too.

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