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Alzheimer’s Care is Most Successful When It’s Person-Centered

What is your routine like when you're caring for a parent with Alzheimer's? It's a good idea to stop and look at who the care plan targets. Is it designed to be easier for you, or is it person-centered? Make Alzheimer's care go smoothly by making sure the daily schedule is centered around your mom or dad. What Is Person-Centered Care? You're going to find that person-centered care is actually easy for a family caregiver to manage. Focus the care on your ... Read more

Four Possible Causes of Hearing Loss

If your elderly family member is losing her hearing, there may still be something that you can help her to do about it. Quite a bit depends on what’s causing your senior’s hearing to diminish. Some causes might be reversible, but others are much more permanent. Always work with your senior’s doctor to determine if there are underlying causes affecting her. Medication Side Effects Medications solve so many health issues, but they all have side effects. There are certain medications that have a ... Read more

Do You Know These Facts About Arthritis?

Arthritis. It’s a common problem for older adults. So common, in fact, that many people feel like they know quite a bit about it. While that’s probably true for some people, some family caregivers may not be as familiar with arthritis. Knowing some facts about the condition can help you to feel more confident and comfortable about being a family caregiver to an older adult with arthritis. Below are some interesting and useful facts about arthritis. Arthritis is Common and Costly According to the ... Read more

Elder Care and Independence

Your elderly family member’s desire for independence might be a sore point between you both. Importantly, having some extra help from elder care services can increase your senior’s independence and help you to accomplish more at the same time. Aging in Place Is Possible If your senior’s major goal is independence, she likely wants to remain in her home for as long as she can. That’s called aging in place and there are potential issues that might make aging in place difficult for ... Read more


The Holidays always seem to bring us joy and as we reflect upon the appreciation we hold for our wonderful clients, staff and community partners. We truly feel blessed to work with each of you. Thank you for making us the successful company we are today. May 2020 bring you and your families the healthiest of minds, bodies and spirits throughout the upcoming year.   Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays, Your Friends at Extended Family Care   If you or a loved one are ... Read more

How Can You Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Flares in Your Baby?

When your baby is at a greater risk of respiratory illnesses, everything might feel as if it's out to get your baby. Here are some of the ways you can help to keep that risk a lot lower while still being welcoming to friends and family. Learn as Much as Possible about Germ Exposure Talk to your baby's doctor about germ exposure and how it can impact your baby's health. There may be some specific guidelines you can follow, like always washing hands ... Read more

Anxiety and Caregiving Sometimes Go Together

There are very few people who don’t really know what it’s like to feel anxious, even just occasionally. When you’re a caregiver, especially as a new one, you’re going to experience a good bit of anxiety. Are you doing the right things? Is your senior okay, is she happy? These and so many other questions will dance around in your head. If you let it, anxiety can steal the best parts of caregiving from you. Start to Acknowledge Anxiety for What it ... Read more

What Do You Put in a Preemie Journal?

You might think that keeping something like a preemie journal is just one more task that you're struggling to keep up with every day, but it's more than just another thing to do. Keeping a preemie journal can help you to track important information and process how you're feeling about what is happening. It's a Baby Book, and a Little More At first glance, a preemie journal seems an awful lot like a baby book that you might keep for any child. But ... Read more

Four Steps to Making Respite Easier on You

If respite feels like too much work, you might be doing it wrong. There are some steps you can take that allow you to reframe how you look at respite and how the experience ends up. It’s worth taking a deeper look. Who Is Your Backup? If you’re at the point where you have been putting off taking respite time, there is a solid chance that means your senior needs a lot of your time, help, and attention. Very often caregivers look at ... Read more

What You Need to Know About Diabetes and Exercise

If you’re a family caregiver to an older adult with diabetes, you’re probably aware that exercise is considered one of the key aspects of blood sugar management. However, you may not know that when people with diabetes exercise, there are extra safety steps they need to take. Why Exercise is Important Exercise, of course, has a lot of benefits for overall health. It can lower blood pressure, help with weight management, and strengthen muscles, among many other benefits. For people with diabetes, it ... Read more
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