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It’s Okay to Smile, then Laugh when Your Work as Dad’s Caregiver Ends

Caregiver in Harmarville PA There are going to be numerous times in your life when you experience ups and downs. Life has often been compared to a roller coaster ride. That anticipation of climbing the roller coaster, not sure exactly what the drop is going to feel like, that first turn at high speed, and the exhilaration you’re anticipating. Life helps to lift us up at times and then there are going to be moments when we feel depressed, powerless, or frustrated. That ... Read more

Senior Care: Walking Can Be Fun!

Senior Care in Mt. Lebanon PA It is important to ensure that your senior loved ones are both physically and mentally healthy.  Walking 30 minutes per day can significantly help them reduce their odds of falling while gaining strength.  To keep your elder on an engaging fitness walking regime, we’ve organized a few ideas of where your senior can walk. This may help your senior loved ones who are received any type of senior care feel motivated to get outside and stretch ... Read more

Medical Technology to Support Home Healthcare

Medical Technology to Support Home Healthcare As family dynamics change, seniors and their loved ones find themselves searching for options. They may reach out to professionals to help fill in the gaps when they are unable to provide quality care at home. Medical technology providers can assist home care agencies and families with a range of choices. One such option is a Medical Alert System. These allow users to contact emergency help with just the push of a button. When used at home or ... Read more

Is Telemarketing Annoying your Senior Parent?

Elder Care in Monroeville, PA – Is Telemarketing Annoying your Senior Parent? Telemarketing has become very popular these days. It's a cheap and effective way to reach the targeted audience through a phone call; however, this can sometimes be very annoying as one person may receive several calls a day. There are some ways in which people can prevent this. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can stop the unwanted calls you may receive.  The “Do Not Call” registry is an effective way to ... Read more

Do You Know Important Self –Esteem Is For Your Child? Learn Ways You Can Help Your Child Build Self Confidence.

Pediatric Home Health Care – You are Your Child’s Advocate If you are a parent with a child who has a chronic illness, you know the rollercoaster of emotions and various issues that can go along with it. Parents have to deal with the fact that their child will sometimes not feel well or needs to visit the pediatrician on a regular basis for treatment, tests and medications. However, the illness can also have an effect on the child both physically and ... Read more

Learn How Hiring Home Care Can Reduce Caregiver Stress that you are Feeling, and allow you to be a Better Person

Taking Care of Yourself as a Caregiver Means Avoiding ‘Coping’ Medicines Harry was working two jobs, one of them overtime most weeks, and was tasked with being a caregiver for his aging father. His father was struggling with lung cancer, the result of many years of smoking, and even though some other members of the family refused to step in and help, Harry was going to do whatever he could to help out. For many years, Harry spent his free time at local ... Read more

Does Your Child Have Special Needs Requirements? Research What Services Pediatric Home Health Care could offer your family.

Pediatric Home Health Care near Monroeville, PA – There’s No Place like Home “ 3 Different Stories near Monroeville, PA” There’s no place your child feels more comfortable than in their own home. Their own bedroom, their own toys, their family members and everything else about home is what makes them want to be there more than anywhere else. Children thrive more at home than they do in a hospital getting the care they need. Pediatric home health care (PHHC) makes that possible ... Read more

Extended Family Care at the Annual Respite Resource Fair on Sept. 22nd 2014 in Swissvale, PA

EXTENDED FAMILY CARE SUPPORTS EVENING OF RESPITE Cheryl Nemanic, Administrator and Bobbi Wielock, Coordinator, represented Extended Family Care at the Annual Respite Resource Fair on September 22, 2014 in Swissvale, Pennsylvania.   The Alliance for Community Respite Care (ACRC) of Community Living and Support Services (CLASS) sponsored the free event which was open to the public and attracted almost 50 community members and professionals. The evening’s Keynote Speaker, Amy Marcinkiewicz, WPXI Reporter, shared her heart-felt, personal experiences and spoke about the importance of ... Read more

Learn What Things Consider when Buying Clothes for MOM?

Home Care in Murrysville, PA - Tips for Buying Clothes Buying clothing for an elderly loved one is a different job than buying it for a child or teen. Fit and texture of the cloth are just as important as style and color. Having clothing they feel comfortable in reduces stress for them and you. Depending on the circumstances of your elderly family member, there may be special considerations when buying clothing. Below are some examples. For elderly loved ones with dementia – ... Read more

Family Caregivers in Pittsburgh PA: Spending Some Quality Time

Spending Some Quality One-on-One Time as a Caregiver in Pittsburgh Teresa had been taking care of her mother for several months. She had never considered herself a caregiver and didn’t think that she would ever need to be providing home care for somebody, but when her mother slipped and fell and broke her hip that first time, it was either that or hire a professional in home care provider. Her mother was adamantly against hiring any in home care provider. Because Teresa was ... Read more
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