How Can You Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Flares in Your Baby?

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When your baby is at a greater risk of respiratory illnesses, everything might feel as if it’s out to get your baby. Here are some of the ways you can help to keep that risk a lot lower while still being welcoming to friends and family.

Pediatric Home Health Care Monroeville PA - How Can You Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Flares in Your Baby?

Pediatric Home Health Care Monroeville PA – How Can You Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Flares in Your Baby?

Learn as Much as Possible about Germ Exposure

Talk to your baby’s doctor about germ exposure and how it can impact your baby’s health. There may be some specific guidelines you can follow, like always washing hands before feeding your baby, that can help to reduce her exposure to germs. The more that you learn, the more you can share with the other people who love your baby, too.

Make Hand Washing Easy and Luxurious

Hand washing can feel like a chore, especially if you’re always asking friends, family, and other guests to wash up. Choose soap that smells and feels luxurious and provide fluffy, pampering hand towels. When washing hands at your house is a joy, it’s going to be a welcome task.

Stock up on Slippers and Slipper Socks

One big way to reduce the amount of germs that enter your home is to encourage people who stop by to remove their shoes. This is common for some people and weird for others. You can make this a luxury, too. Keep a basket of slippers and slipper socks with non-skid bottoms that you can hand out to guests. These are easy to toss into the washer and get ready for the next visit.

Keep a Stash of Clean Blankets Handy

Clothing can also hold onto germs, but of course you’re not going to ask friends and family to change as soon as they arrive. An easy solution is to have a stash of clean blankets that you can drape over guests as a barrier between them and the baby. Toss them in the washer with slippers to be ready for the next visit.

Get Extra Help from Pediatric Home Health Care Providers

When a lot of people want to visit you and the baby, this can all feel even more overwhelming. You might want to look into hiring pediatric home health care for children to help you stay on top of what’s going on. They can be on the lookout for germ risks while you enjoy the visit.

As you become more accustomed to what works for your family, you’ll get a solid routine in place that helps to cut down the risk of respiratory problems for your baby. It won’t always feel so complicated.

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