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What is the Importance of Helping Your Parent Leave a Legacy?

Many elderly adults struggle with feeling like they are no longer relevant, or that they no longer make a significant impact to the people or world around them. They may worry that they will not be remembered, or that their family will push them aside. This can be extremely distressing for a senior. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to support your aging parent, and help them to recognize that they are still valuable, and that they will continue ... Read more

Is Telemarketing Annoying your Senior Parent?

Elder Care in Monroeville, PA – Is Telemarketing Annoying your Senior Parent? Telemarketing has become very popular these days. It's a cheap and effective way to reach the targeted audience through a phone call; however, this can sometimes be very annoying as one person may receive several calls a day. There are some ways in which people can prevent this. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can stop the unwanted calls you may receive.  The “Do Not Call” registry is an effective way to ... Read more