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How Can You Tell that Your Preemie Is Maturing?

By default, a premature baby is still working on maturing. That takes some time and some patience on both your parts. These clues can help you to learn when your preemie is starting to become more mature. Your Baby Is Overstimulated Less Often All babies can get overstimulated by what's going on around them, but preemies are more likely to experience overstimulation far more often. This happens because their brains and their bodies are still catching up. It's jarring for these babies to ... Read more

How to Manage Your Own Stress as a Parent of a Special Needs Child

Being a parent to a child who has special needs takes caregiving to new levels. You're likely stretched to your limits often and you need to learn how to manage your stress in a healthy way. Learn to Recognize Increased Stress in Yourself Everyone has a set of patterns that occur when they're under a great deal of stress. Start tracking how you're feeling in a journal or just in a spiral notebook. You'll start to recognize what it looks like when your ... Read more