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How Can You Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Flares in Your Baby?

When your baby is at a greater risk of respiratory illnesses, everything might feel as if it's out to get your baby. Here are some of the ways you can help to keep that risk a lot lower while still being welcoming to friends and family. Learn as Much as Possible about Germ Exposure Talk to your baby's doctor about germ exposure and how it can impact your baby's health. There may be some specific guidelines you can follow, like always washing hands ... Read more

How Can You Make Learning Life Skills Easier for Your Special Needs Child?

Life skills, like making the bed and brushing teeth, are crucial for all children to learn at some point. Your special needs child may need some extra help with learning these different skills, though. How you go about the process can make a huge difference in how easy this is for your child. Break Down Tasks Beforehand Take the time before you try to start this process to break down the task you're teaching your child. No matter what the task is, there's ... Read more

Does Your Child Have Special Needs Requirements? Research What Services Pediatric Home Health Care could offer your family.

Pediatric Home Health Care near Monroeville, PA – There’s No Place like Home “ 3 Different Stories near Monroeville, PA” There’s no place your child feels more comfortable than in their own home. Their own bedroom, their own toys, their family members and everything else about home is what makes them want to be there more than anywhere else. Children thrive more at home than they do in a hospital getting the care they need. Pediatric home health care (PHHC) makes that possible ... Read more