What Modifications Should You Make to a Loved One’s Home if Mobility Is an Issue?

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Elder Care in Mt. Lebanon PA: What Modifications Should You Make to a Loved One’s Home if Mobility Is an Issue?

Mobility issues can keep your loved one from doing too much at home. Part of the reason this can be true is that your loved one might be afraid she’ll fall or that she won’t be able to do what she wants to do. Modifying her home or otherwise applying safety devices can help incredibly.

Check Door and Hall Widths for Wheelchairs

If your loved one uses a wheelchair, halls and doorways can be a big obstacle for her. One solution might be to try using a smaller, more streamlined wheelchair, but even that can only help so much. Measure the wheelchair’s width and determine what the minimum distance the chair needs in order to maneuver.

Remove Carpeting, if Necessary

Some carpeting is hazardous if your loved one has mobility issues. It can be difficult to roll a wheelchair, especially if your loved one’s carpet has a thick pad underneath. Thick pile or ragged spots can create a tripping hazard. Also, if there are holes or other issues with the carpet, that can be a tremendous problem.

Consider Installing Ramps

Ramps can be much easier for your loved one to navigate than steps are. This is obvious when it comes to a loved one who uses a wheelchair, but it can be equally true if your loved one simply has difficulty walking, too. Many local senior agencies engage in community projects such as building ramps for people who need them. Check with the agencies in your area to get help installing a ramp if such help is available.

Monitors Can Help

Using monitors that allow you to hear what is going on in other rooms can help both you and your elderly loved one to feel more at ease if she has trouble with mobility. This allows you to hear her more easily if she needs assistance. Some security companies offer a similar feature with their alarm systems, too, which can offer other levels of protection and security.

Don’t Forget the Bathrooms

The bathroom is a particularly tricky spot if your loved one already has mobility issues. Install hand rails and non-slip throw rugs to help her keep her footing. You might also include other safety devices, such as a bath chair and a handheld showerhead with a longer hose.

Having elder care providers available for your loved one can help you to feel better about spending time away from home when you have to. They can help you to spot potential safety issues, too.

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Excerpt: When your elderly loved one has mobility difficulty, getting around is already difficult. Her environment can make getting around even more complicated, however.