Now that you’ve brought your premature baby home, you may have a little bit more time to adjust to your new situation. But you might be starting to notice that you’re feeling something that might be very close to depression.

Pediatric Home Health Care Nazareth PA - What Are the Signs of Depression for Parents of Preemies?

Pediatric Home Health Care Nazareth PA – What Are the Signs of Depression for Parents of Preemies?

Exhaustion and Overwhelm

Having a new baby is exhausting all on its own, but if you combine that with the needs of a premature baby, your exhaustion reaches new heights. You may also find yourself overwhelmed by even the simplest of decisions. This is often because you’ve already had to make so many decisions about your baby’s care and well-being.

Insomnia and Inability to Stay Asleep

Even as tired as you may feel, insomnia can still be your constant companion. Insomnia can pop up out of nowhere and disappear just as rapidly, but most people find that it sticks around for a while. You’re already exhausted, but now you have trouble falling asleep. Another variety of insomnia causes you to fall asleep, but have trouble staying asleep. This can be even more exhausting because you’re not able to get into all of the different sleep stages.

Appetite Loss

Stress and worry wreak havoc on appetites. Many parents of premature babies find that they lose their appetite frequently. You may also be so busy for so long that by the time you have the time to eat, the idea isn’t appealing at all. One of the solutions you might want to try is having healthy choices on hand that don’t require a lot of preparation so that you’re not put off by the idea of having to cook.

Mood Swings

Because you’re not eating right, you’re not sleeping well, and you’re overwhelmed, you’re more likely to experience wide mood swings. Situations that might have only been a bit of an inconvenience to you at another time may inspire shouting and anger. Or you might find that you’re far more likely to feel teary than you normally would.

Extreme Sadness or Feelings of Worthlessness

Even with mood swings, your underlying feelings may be predominantly sad or even feelings of worthlessness. This can be especially true because being a parent to a premature baby can require so much more than you might have thought originally. It’s difficult to cope when you have convinced yourself that you can’t cope.

Dealing with your depression is crucial right now. Your baby is depending on you, but having access to azarethpediatric home health care for children enables you to take care of yourself. You’re not just a parent, but you’re also a person with your own needs.

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