Home care services are the perfect way to ensure your parents stay independent in their home without struggling with some tasks. How much do you know about home care services? This is how it works.

Home Care Services Catasauqua PA - How Do In-Home Care Services Work?

Home Care Services Catasauqua PA – How Do In-Home Care Services Work?

Call an Agency

Talk to a representative at a home care services agency about your parents. This evaluation can help you decide how often home care services would be beneficial. It can also help you better understand the pricing and ways to pay for it.

Once the right services and schedule are planned, you should see if your mom and dad can meet the caregivers they’d be working with. It’s nice to let them meet people first in an introductory event. They’ll have a feeling for the different caregivers before the start date. Ask if your parents can interview or at least meet the caregivers before services start.

Another thing to ask during the evaluation is if you’re given regular updates. Some apps allow caregivers and family members to interact, view photos, and make notes that others can read and respond to. This helps with coordinated care.

A Basic Look at How It Works

After the schedule and list of services are arranged, a start date is chosen. On that day, the caregiver will come to your parents’ house at the chosen time. The caregiver is there for as long as is scheduled to take care of the items on the list. When you return or the day is over, the caregiver leaves for the day to return on the next scheduled day.

If the caregiver runs into car troubles or illness and can’t make it, a substitute caregiver is sent out. If the caregiver doesn’t show up at all, you call the agency and let them know. They’ll dispatch another caregiver.

Be There for the First Few Days

On the first few days of home care services, try to make yourself available. You don’t have to be right at the caregiver’s side. Work in a quiet den or office while the caregiver and your parents acclimate to the new partnership. If there are questions or concerns, you’re there to answer them or help ease your parents’ anxieties.

In these first few days, there will be an adjustment period. If the caregiver finds your parent is better at certain tasks than you thought, the care services can be altered to find the right fit.

Let the Caregiver Take the Lead

Remember that the caregiver is there to help. Don’t micromanage. Allow the caregiver to take the lead. The caregiver’s training helps with difficult moments. Your parent may seem overly agitated, but the caregiver will know tricks for redirecting. If the caregiver asks for your help, then you can offer it.

You can arrange home care services for a few hours a week or daily. To learn more about the services in your parents’ area or rates for home care services, call our representative.

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