Summer has turned to Fall and before long, Fall will turn to Winter. As the nights and eventually the days get cooler, staying indoors with a cozy blanket, a good book, and a warm cup of tea starts to sound more appealing than anything else.

Senior Care Allentown PA - Things to do Indoors as the Weather Changes

Senior Care Allentown PA – Things to do Indoors as the Weather Changes

However, for some seniors receiving senior care, they can start to feel stir crazy in the Fall and want to avoid the feelings of isolation that can start to creep in after days and days of sitting around watching television and never leaving their home. Then there are other seniors who have major mobility impairments that keep them from being able to regularly leave their homes.

Either way, there are things that you can do with your parent or loved one who is receiving senior care that can liven up their days and enable you to make memories with them that will outlast the cooler temperatures of the season.

To get started, pick a day or two per week to implement these fun ideas. Put them on a calendar so that your senior understands what is coming up and to give them something to look forward to. Get them involved by asking them if they have any ideas that they would like to share, or any fun indoor projects that they have been wanting to work on. Let them know that their days do not have to be spent doing the same thing over and over again and that they have control over their activities, even if they are housebound or the weather just doesn’t make leaving the home a feasible option.

Movie Night

Ask your senior what their favorite movie is, and pair it with one they have never seen before. Make it just like the theater with comfy seats, mood lightening, a friend, and snacks they can enjoy. Let everything else go while you relax and enjoy the cinema-like evening with your senior and their bestie.

Craft Day

The options are endless for having a craft day with your senior. You can theme it around some of their passions or hobbies – like making something fishing-themed for Dad, or making crafts that involve the Grandkid’s pictures for Mom. Seniors enjoy getting hands-on and creating something that they can give away to family and friends, or keep as a memento of the fun they had when the weather outside was frightful!

Game Time

Invite a few of your senior’s friends over for a day of games! Your senior will feel social and it will break up their usual routine with some friendly fun!

Holiday or “Just Because” Cards

Many seniors enjoy sending and receiving hand-written cards, and this is a great time of year to get a head start on their Christmas or holiday card list, or help them send a nice note to a friend just for fun!

Pot Luck

There’s no time like the present to have a pot luck! Invite family members that your senior will love spending time with, have everyone bring a dish, and enjoy a good, old-fashioned pot luck celebration with your family.

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