The death of a spouse ranks the highest when it comes to the stress index. If your dad died, your mom is going to feel lonely, sad, isolated, and maybe even angry. She’ll need time, but you can help lessen the feelings of isolation by making sure she isn’t alone for days or weeks on hand. These tips can help make sure she has the support she needs.

Rotate Who is Visiting Her Each Week

Elderly Care Emmaus PA - Tips for Lessening Feelings of Isolation When a Parent is Widowed

Elderly Care Emmaus PA – Tips for Lessening Feelings of Isolation When a Parent is Widowed

Don’t have everyone in the family stop by at the same time. She may feel overwhelmed. Instead, create a schedule where you stop by every other day, your brother stops by every sixth day, and your sister stops by every other week.

Leave days where your mom is alone and has time to herself. If you also have aunts and uncles stopping by, get a feel for how your mom reacts to their visits. You may think she adores having her siblings stop by, but she may not want them there as often as they show up.

Clean House When She’s Ready

Some adults want to immediately donate their spouse’s clothing. Others like to hold onto things for months or years. When she’s ready, be available to help out. You could be the one to drive the items to a charitable organization for those in need. She may prefer to have a yard sale and get to socialize and see where items go. Do what makes her happy.

Don’t Hover

Hovering can be just as bad as leaving your mom alone for days. Try to read her signs. If she makes comments that she needs time alone, it’s a good time to leave her for the night. If she leaves the room and doesn’t come back. It’s a good sign that she’s had enough company.

Give Her Time and Then Get Her to Engage in Activities

People grieve at different rates. Give your mom time to grieve. As she seems to get back to her usual routines, get her to engage in activities outside of the home. She may find she loves volunteering. She meets new people and is out of the house. She could volunteer at a hospital gift shop or knit caps for infants in a neonatal ward.

After the death of a spouse, make sure your mom has the help she needs around the house. Your mom’s health may impact how much she can do independently. If she needs help with meals, hire elderly care aides to cook meals, take her grocery shopping, and eat with her.

Elderly care aides can also help her pay bills, make appointments, or do the housework. Rates depend on the services she needs, so call to learn more.

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Carol Chiego, Branch Administrator