Understanding why your senior’s skin is dry gives her a chance to find a solution that helps it to feel a lot better. There might be a combination of reasons that are contributing to her dry skin, so there might be more than one area for you to focus on.

Homecare Schnecksville PA - Five Reasons for Your Senior’s Dry Skin

Homecare Schnecksville PA – Five Reasons for Your Senior’s Dry Skin

Underlying Health Issues

Underlying health conditions affect a great deal of your senior’s life, including the condition of her skin. Keeping those health issues as controlled as possible gives her body a chance to focus on other things, like repairing her skin more regularly. Some illnesses might require medication, and that can open up a whole other set of circumstances.

Medication Side Effects

Some of the medications your elderly family member takes in order to keep her as healthy as possible have side effects that can include drying out her skin. Other medications might be ones your elderly family member takes temporarily, like antihistamines during allergy season. Those medications are meant to try out her sinuses, but they tend to be drying to her entire body.

Dehydration Causes a Lot of Issues

When your elderly family member isn’t getting enough water, every part of her body suffers, including her skin. Your elderly family member’s doctor can help her to know exactly how much water she should be drinking. That’s a goal for her to aim for, rather than trying to hit that amount the first day.

How Well She’s Taking Care of Her Skin

Keeping up with skincare is an important part of ensuring that your senior’s skin is as healthy as possible. If your elderly family member has never really had a skincare routine, it’s definitely time that she thinks about changing that. Avoiding water that is too hot and using appropriate products for her skin, like non-drying soaps, all factor into that plan.

Dry Air, Both Inside and Out

In the fall and winter months, the air inside and outside tends to be much drier. That has an intense effect on your senior’s skin. She may start to notice that her skin feels dry even when she’s using the same skincare routine she used over the summer. Modifying things a bit to include more moisture can help her skin.

Dry skin is no fun and it can become irritating very quickly. Having help from homecare providers with skin care and other tasks can give your senior a way to combat dry skin.

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