Your Senior May Need Assistance Conserving Their Energy

People with significant health issues don’t always realize how much energy it takes to perform simple everyday tasks until their health gets even worse. Learning how to conserve the energy that your senior has can help her to do more of the things that she needs and wants to do without pushing herself too hard. Having help from home care assistance providers can guide your senior with some of their tasks.

Planning Ahead Makes a Big Difference

Home Care Assistance Schnecksville PA - Your Senior May Need Assistance Conserving Their Energy

Home Care Assistance Schnecksville PA – Your Senior May Need Assistance Conserving Their Energy

Thinking and planning ahead with every situation makes a huge difference for someone who needs to conserve energy. Limiting extra trips back and forth for forgotten items makes a huge difference. So, if your senior is getting ready to take a bath, it’s helpful for her to think about everything she needs before she gets started. Gathering her clothing and bringing it to the bathroom keeps her from having to chase down clean clothing later. Lots of activities during the day are less taxing if your senior plans them out first.

Establish Priorities and Goals

When your aging family member and you understand her goals and her priorities, it’s a lot easier to plan out her day. For instance, on a low energy day, bathing might not be a huge priority, especially if your senior hasn’t done much. There’s no sense burning energy on taking a bath if she really doesn’t need one. Checking in with herself throughout the day can help your senior to keep up with how she’s feeling.

Avoid Rushing as Much as Possible

Rushing is the antithesis of conservation of energy, so it’s definitely something your senior needs to avoid. Keeping her pace as steady as she can is important, which is another reason to plan ahead with tasks and projects. If your senior starts to feel tired or spent, she needs to learn that it’s important to go ahead and rest as much as she can.

Use Assistive Devices and Proper Body Mechanics When Completing Tasks

Something that occupational therapy at home helps with is teaching your senior proper body mechanics and how to use assistive devices. Conservation of energy relies on your elderly family member being able to use all of the tools at her disposal to make her life easier and safer. Physical therapy at home can also help your senior to improve her strength and her stamina, both of which can assist with conserving energy overall.

Home Care Assistance Services can Help Guide Your Senior

No matter what health issues your senior is facing, knowing how to conserve her energy can help her to cope and to have a better quality of life. Home care assistance services can educate both your senior and you in conserving energy in the right ways.

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