What to Eat and Do As a Senior With Chronic Fatigue

When a senior is battling chronic fatigue, you may notice they start going for more caffeine and less food. They may be too tired to eat or lose interest in food and activities due to being tired. However, coffee and other forms of caffeine are only sometimes the correct answer to battling fatigue. If this tiredness continues, a senior should go to the doctor to find solutions to their problem. If your senior needs help with diet, exercises, following doctors’ orders, or even just getting to the doctor, this is something that home care providers may be able to help your senior with.

Here are some other ways a senior can battle chronic fatigue, and some of these home care may be able to help.

What Foods to Add to Your Diet If You Suffer from Chronic Fatigue

Home Care Emmaus PA - What to Eat and Do As a Senior With Chronic Fatigue

Home Care Emmaus PA – What to Eat and Do As a Senior With Chronic Fatigue

When a senior is battling chronic fatigue, they first need to head to the doctor. Once the problem is identified, a doctor may prescribe medication to help the fatigue, but other things can impact the feeling of tiredness. One of those things is diet. Seniors, no matter how old, should be focused on food and what they put into their bodies.

Here are a few foods a senior should eat when they suffer from fatigue.

Fruit for Seniors– An increased consumption of polyphenols aids in treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Fruits such as berries, apples, and cherries are polyphenol-rich and should be added to seniors’ diets.
Eat More Legumes– They are very magnesium-rich. They may also replace proteins like meat products due to their high protein content. This food is great for vegan or plant-based seniors.
Add in More Vegetables– Most vegetables are rich in antioxidants and other vitamins that can help a senior feel more awake. Ensuring a senior has appropriate vitamin levels is crucial to fight off fatigue. Adding vegetables is the best way to maintain certain vitamins.
Seafood and Fish– Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which assist in decreasing inflammation caused by chronic fatigue. They are also high in lean protein, which doctors recommend certain patients eat in their regular diet.
Eat Nuts and Seeds– They are an excellent source of Omega-3 fats, similar to fish. However, they are plant-based omega-3 rather than protein-based, which is advantageous for the body.

If a doctor recommends a certain diet for a senior, they should try their best to follow it. Sometimes a doctor will recommend a Mediterranean diet or even a vegan diet for some. If a senior needs help following these diets, it’s time to look for home care to help with food and meal prep. Not all seniors feel comfortable cooking anymore, which can be challenging when they need to focus on their diet.

A few more things to keep in mind regarding chronic fatigue is to decrease caffeine consumption. Caffeine inhibits the receptors in your body that are designed to alert you when you’re fatigued. The more coffee you consume, the less these receptors can work, and after a considerable amount of time, this impairment becomes irreversible. Instead, opt for water and other forms of hydration to keep the body fueled and energized.

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