How to Identify and Manage Shingles

Did you know the same virus causes shingles as chickenpox? Although shingles usually have an innocuous beginning, without proper care, they can cause serious health issues in older adults. Like any irritating skin condition, seniors diagnosed with shingles should receive treatment early to minimize the risk of further complications. Hence, working with a home care assistance professional can mitigate such scenarios and guarantee the well-being of your loved one through recovery.

Home Care Assistance Macungie PA - How to Identify and Manage Shingles

Home Care Assistance Macungie PA – How to Identify and Manage Shingles

The clinical term for shingles is herpes zoster, a variant of varicella-zoster, the parent virus. This virus is responsible for chickenpox early in life and shingles in old age. Even after recovering from chickenpox, the virus is not entirely eradicated and survives in some nerve cells. Although the virus is inactive in adults who recover from chickenpox, one out of three adults is susceptible to varicella-zoster reactivating and causing shingles.

Older loved ones, particularly over 60 years, are at high risk of developing complications caused by shingles. A senior’s immune system is weak, increasing the risk of infections like shingles. Shingles can be life-threatening if proper medical and home care assistance is not provided.

How Do You Identify Shingles Symptoms?

Early medical intervention is the best way to resolve shingles and mitigate the risk of serious complications. It is essential to provide immediate treatment as soon as symptoms show, even though shingles can heal independently within five weeks. Look for itchy rashes, also known as shingles rash, which usually develop on a small area on the side of the body, such as the face or torso. The older adult may experience pain and discomfort before the rash appears and lingering pain after the skin irritation disappears.

The affected part becomes extremely sensitive to touch, and in extreme conditions, even a slight breeze can induce intense physical pain. Common symptoms home care assistance providers can help you detect include fever, chills, headaches, and nausea. Before developing shingles, your older loved one may experience symptoms like numbness or tingling of the skin. If medical intervention is not provided during the initial stages, fluid-filled blisters will emerge after a few days. Blisters usually appear near the eyes and can cause long-term eye damage or permanent blindness.

These symptoms are worse among seniors than young people, and early treatment is critical to prevent the emergence of chronic pain. An older adult must receive a comprehensive medical evaluation no later than two to three days after the first symptoms appear.

How Home Care Assistance Professionals Can Help

The best approach to prevent shingles is to maintain good hygiene. Since many adults prefer living independently for as long as possible, hiring a home care assistance provider can guarantee the safety and well-being of your older loved one, whether it is keeping the affected skin clean, pain management strategies, or customizing a diet plan, a professional covers all the bases to enhance recovery. Schedule a consultation today with our certified caregivers to learn more about caring for an older loved one with shingles.


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