What To Look For When You Visit Your Senior

It’s not easy to accept when your elderly mom or dad wants to age in place. However, your senior loved one can have a high-quality life while aging in place. It will take a good team of professionals like doctors, physical therapists, therapists, and senior home care providers for your loved one to live a high-quality life during their final stages of life. Here are some things you should look for the next time you talk to your seniors or visit them.

Weight Changes

Senior Home Care Nazareth PA - What To Look For When You Visit Your Senior

Senior Home Care Nazareth PA – What To Look For When You Visit Your Senior

One of the first things you should notice is whether or not they have lost much weight. If they have lost or gained a significant amount of weight, it could be a sign that they have an underlying health issue that needs a doctor’s attention. Too much weight could mean their medication has unwanted side effects, and too much weight loss could mean they are not eating properly. You should always take note of this, but it’s also something that senior home care can keep track of. Your loved one can have multiple people looking out for them, including you and senior home care.

Spoiled Food

If your senior is not eating, it could cause weight issues. But one thing to look for is signs of spoiled food. Your senior loved one is probably not intentionally ignoring spoiled food; they just might be unable to smell it. They may not be able to cook as much as they used to, so more things go bad. Senior home care can help your loved one with meal prep, but you will need to notice the signs and bring them up for your loved ones.

Car Dents

Some seniors don’t want to give up driving because that is the ultimate sign they have lost their freedom. However, if you notice your mom or dad’s car having more dents in it, or they even stop seeing as well, it’s time to bring up other transportation methods. You can mention that senior home care can drive seniors, call taxis, or find a local senior shuttle to get them to and from places.

Personality Changes

If your mom has always been happy and suddenly very cynical or depressed, this could be a bigger issue at play. Your loved one may be taking medication with serious side effects or struggling with some type of chronic illness that has changed their mood. It is essential for you to take note of any changes, but this is another thing that senior home care can help with.

Unopened Mail

Lastly, you should notice whether your mom or dad is opening their mail, especially their bills. The last thing they want to do is fall behind on bills. If you suspect they may need help with their bills, find a way to offer to help them financially. This can be a huge stressor for them, and you may not even realize they are struggling.

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