Home Care In Pennsylvania – 8 Ways to Make Friends for Senior Adults

When your senior parent was young and in school, they probably had very little difficulty in making friends. During their parenting and working years they also would have had many opportunities to meet with and become friends with people. However, things change when they reach the elder years. Many of their life-long friends may have moved away or died. They don’t get out and attend activities as much anymore. They may live alone at home.Home Care Pennsylvania

Still, a social support system including friends is essential to a person’s mental and emotional as well as physical well-being. There are fewer opportunities to meet new people and maybe a little bit of resistance as well. Their people-meeting and friend-making skills might also have become a little rusty.

Here are some strategies your parent can use to make new friends:

  1. Move past the notion that everyone else their age already has all the friends they could ever want. While nobody posts a sign on their back that says “I need a friend”, there are many people out there desperate for a friend.
  2. Accept invitations even if they don’t really want to attend the event. There could be someone else there who also didn’t really want to come and is the perfect person to become friends with. Friends can be found in the most unlikely places sometimes.
  3. Senior citizen activities are much more than just Friday night bingo. There are usually a good variety of classes, trips and other activities. Stop at the local senior’s center and ask for a calendar of upcoming events.
  4. Continuing education classes at the local college or university often have choices for seniors or adults. They can audit classes for free or take part in programs meant specifically for seniors.
  5. In-home care service for seniors who need a little assistance at home with daily tasks. A caregiver can become a great friend to the senior they give care to. Having a caregiver also gives your loved one a little more freedom to get out and meet other people because they have someone who can give them transportation and accompany them on trips.
  6. You can help your loved one set up a Facebook page and then teach them how to connect with family and friends. Help them find old friends and add them to their Facebook list.
  7. Get your parent a pet, especially a dog because a dog needs to be walked every day. Owning a dog opens up the possibility of meeting other dog-walkers as well as providing great exercise each day.
  8. Volunteer positions in the community. There are lots of things your loved one can do in a volunteer position, depending on their health and mobility. Go visit your local volunteer center and ask for details.

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