Elderly Care in Pennsylvania

Most elderly care providers already know how beneficial pets can be for seniors, and vice versa. While Elderly Care in Pennsylvaniapets given to children help them be more responsible, they can do much, much more for seniors. Some of the specific benefits offered by pets for seniors are highlighted below:

Increased physical activity and lower blood pressure

Pets provide a calming effect for seniors, which can lead to lowered blood pressure. In addition, having a pet offers them an opportunity to get some exercise since some pets must be walked.

Reduced chance of depression

Pets help everyone, especially seniors, feel better emotionally. Improving their mood can help seniors with their overall well-being.

Increased social interaction

When the senior is able to take his or her pet to the park or to the vet, he or she will be able to interact with others. In some cases, the senior care provider will need to accompany the senior to these outings.

Unconditional affection and love

Older individuals often feel that something is missing in their lives.  Their younger family members are often quite busy with their own lives and families, and this can leave seniors feeling lonely and isolated.  Pets are a constant companion who are able to provide love and affection.

Choosing the right pet

Selecting the right pet is extremely important. Younger cats and dogs that have a lot of energy are not the best choice. Instead, a mature pet that is well-trained will make a much better companion.

Before a senior decides to become a pet owner, he or she might want to consider discussing it with the caregiver to ensure that he or she has the ability to provide care. This will ensure the senior can reap all the benefits that pets have to offer.

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