Medication management is a service that can help your elderly family member to get the assistance that she needs complying with medication instructions. For one reason or another, it can be difficult to keep up with different medications, timing doses, and generally making sure that medication is taken the right way. Home health care providers can help.

It’s a Tool for Keeping Your Senior Safe and Healthy

Home Health Care Elizabethtown PA - What Is Medication Management?

Home Health Care Elizabethtown PA – What Is Medication Management?

Medication management is a program that enables your elderly family member to have some extra help with taking her medication safely and in a way that supports her healthcare goals. Your senior’s doctor may recommend medication management when there are changes to prescriptions or when your senior has had other big changes in her life, like recovering from a hospitalization. Home health care providers can meet with your elderly family member and reconcile her medications.

Home Health Care Providers Monitor Medication Usage

The first step for home health care providers is going to be monitoring what your senior takes currently. That involves getting a complete list of the medications prescribed to your senior, what those dosages are, and how and when she’s supposed to take her medications. Continuing to monitor usage ensures your elderly family member is on track with her medicines.

They Ensure She’s Taking Medication Properly

There are several processes your senior can use to ensure she’s taking her medication the way that it should be taken. Weekly or daily pill cases are just one example. These might be something that home health care providers refill for your elderly family member as needed and then follow up with later. It’s easy for your senior and for you to tell at a glance when she’s taken her medication properly.

They Help Keep Your Senior’s Doctor Updated

If there are issues with your senior’s medications or for some reason she’s continuing to have difficulty complying with medication instructions, her doctor may need to make some changes. Home health care providers can keep your elderly family member’s doctor informed about her medication compliance and ensure that any issues are fixed as quickly as possible. They can also help your elderly family member to adjust to new medication instructions if something does require a change.

With medication management assistance you and your elderly family member can each rest a little easier knowing that there’s help with her prescriptions. Your elderly family member won’t have to worry about taking the wrong medications or taking incorrect dosages.

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