Cancer treatments depend on the type and stage of cancer. If your mom has cancer, she may need surgery to remove the cancerous tissue. She may need radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy. Immunotherapy, stem cell transplants, and precision medications or targeted therapies are also used.

In some situations, multiple approaches are used. Depending on the treatment, your mom may feel sick, out of breath, tired, and drained. Senior care services help her keep up with routine tasks like laundry, housekeeping, and grocery shopping. Home health care services help with tasks that are more medical in nature.

Senior Care Columbia PA - Understanding the Benefits Home Health Care Offers After Cancer Treatments

Senior Care Columbia PA – Understanding the Benefits Home Health Care Offers After Cancer Treatments

What Does Skilled Nursing Through a Home Health Care Agency Offer?

Medical insurance may cover home health care services from skilled nurses if a doctor recommends them. Usually, there is a limit on the number of hours each day and each week. When your mom has cancer, skilled nurses can help with IV therapies like fluids and pain management.

If your mom had surgery, skilled nurses can change bandages and make sure the incision is healing properly. They can help with feeding tubes, catheters, and injected medications.

Pain management is one area where home health care services will help. The nurse may inject pain medications into a vein or IV. The nurse will keep track of timing and keep your mom on a steady supply that prevents the pain from returning when possible. If the pain seems excessive, the nurse will keep in touch with the doctor to get advice on other options if the current pain medications aren’t enough.

Keeping an incision clean and having dressings applied properly reduces the risk of infection. Nurses know how to change dressings and assess how well an incision is healing. If surgery was the best option for removing a tumor, there may be drains and dressings to check and take care of.

Benefits of In-Home Therapy

Your mom’s muscles and joints may be weak or sore. Physical therapists come to the home to help your mom strengthen her muscles and learn to use a walker if needed for the recovery. She’ll start working in the comfort of her home with a physical therapist who will help her with exercises, improve joint motions, and leave exercises she should also do on her own.

If your mom’s struggling to do things like getting dressed or take a shower after her cancer treatments, her doctor might also recommend occupational therapy. Those therapists help her learn new ways of doing tasks that may need a different approach if the cancer surgery required amputation or removal of some muscle tissue.

Senior care is ready to help with housekeeping, transportation, meals, and more. Home health care has the rest covered. Your mom’s recovery will go smoother when she has all of the support she needs.

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