In the winter, there are changes to your mom’s routine that may require additional help. She loves to walk outside, but ice and snow make it a little too risky for her to walk by herself. Her furnace runs 24/7 to keep the house warm, and you worry that it will stop working.

A caregiver is a beneficial service to have in place in the winter months. Here are the different ways they keep your mom safe all winter.

She Has Company for Walks

Caregiver Lititz PA - Three Ways Senior Care Keeps Your Mom Safe in the Winter Months

Caregiver Lititz PA – Three Ways Senior Care Keeps Your Mom Safe in the Winter Months

Aides can help your mom bundle up and go outside for a walk. She has the caregiver to hold onto if there’s ice. Her caregiver can make sure she has ice cleats strapped onto her shoes if it’s especially icy.

Caregivers can make sure the company that’s scheduled to clear snow and put down de-icer products is on their way. That way, the ice that’s currently on steps and sidewalks will be taken care of in time for your mom’s next walk.

Someone Can Check on Her

You live hours away and have no idea if your mom’s okay. She doesn’t answer her phone if she’s watching a movie, so you can’t rely on that as being a good indicator. She’s not answering, so you worry that she’s fallen getting out of the shower. She may have tripped going downstairs to the laundry room.

With  caregiver aides stopping by every day or every other day, you have someone to check on her and make sure she’s okay. You’ll be notified if there are issues. The caregivers can make sure her home is warm, her electricity is on, and she has running water.

She Eats Well

Warm meals that are packed with the right nutrients are important. If your mom has a cold and wants soup, caregivers can cook it for her. If she wants to boost her immune system with a morning berry smoothie, caregivers can make her one.

In addition to preparing meals, caregivers can take your mom to the grocery store and help her pick out nutritious foods. Caregivers carry the bags in and help your mom put things away back at her home.

Make arrangements for senior care with ease. Pick up the phone, talk to a specialist, and go over the care services that will help your mom. Don’t overlook things like companionship, transportation, and organization. With a little thought, you’ll have a care plan for caregivers to follow that meets your mom’s needs. If they change, her care plan is also easily changed.

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