Elderly Care Connects Seniors to Social Activities

It’s absolutely essential for seniors to connect with other seniors and with family members and friends in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. Seniors who engage often in activities and maintain their connections to family members and friends are more likely to have good health and be active. Even having an elderly care provider come in a few days each week can dramatically improve a senior’s healthy by having a strong social connection with the elderly care provider.

Elderly Care Ephrata PA - Elderly Care Connects Seniors to Social Activities

Elderly Care Ephrata PA – Elderly Care Connects Seniors to Social Activities

And it’s been shown that healthy social activity can help seniors fight off the symptoms of depression and anxiety. But it can be tough for seniors to get out and be social, especially if they don’t drive any longer. If you want to find activities that will be good for a senior loved one see if your senior parent is willing to try some of these popular activities for seniors:

Music Classes For Seniors

Music has many proven wonderful benefits for seniors. Playing music can help seniors strengthen their cognitive skills and have fun learning a new instrument. Look for music classes that are designed just for seniors so that the material will be taught in a way that will make it easy for seniors to learn. If you can’t take your senior loved one to class an elderly care provider can help them get to and from class.

Dance Classes For Seniors

Any type of movement is beneficial to seniors so joining a dance class is a fantastic way for seniors to get some big physical and mental health benefits. Seniors need to be careful so that they don’t fall while dancing, but getting out of the house regularly to go dancing may be just what your senior loved one needs to feel vital and happy.

Walking Clubs

If your senior loved one likes to go for walks but you can’t always go for a walk with them and their elderly care provider can’t go for walks daily with them joining a walking club will allow your senior parent to get in a good walk every day and give them the chance to talk and socialize with other seniors. Walking is one of the best exercises for seniors because it’s gentle and yet it is a good aerobic activity. Mall walking clubs are ideal for seniors so that they can walk all year long even if the weather is bad.

Crafting Groups

Crafts like painting, needlework, knitting, and papercrafts keep seniors mentally engaged and encourage them to be more creative. Crafts are great for people who have early stage dementia and can even help them hang onto their cognitive skills longer than people who don’t craft. Encourage your senior parent to try a craft they have never tried before and join a local crafting group for seniors.

Movie Clubs with Elderly Care Assistance

Senior movie clubs give seniors the chance to watch the movies they love and talk about them with other film lovers. An elderly care provider can help a senior loved one get to the theater or set up a home theater that will allow them to watch movies in the comfort of their home.


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