When to Consider 24-Hour Home Care for an Ill Parent

While many family caregivers live near their mom and dad, 25 percent live more than 20 minutes away. A little more than 10 percent are more than an hour from their parent. When you live too far to travel each day, your parents’ needs for daily help can be hard to manage. You get the call. Your mom has cancer. You live on the other side of the country, and the number of weeks available through FMLA isn’t enough. You can’t afford to quit your job, so what do you do? It’s time to look at the benefits of 24-hour home care.

Your Mom Always Has a Ride

24-Hour Home Care New Holland PA - When to Consider 24-Hour Home Care for an Ill Parent

24-Hour Home Care New Holland PA – When to Consider 24-Hour Home Care for an Ill Parent

After her cancer diagnosis, your mom may have a flurry of appointments. If she’s on medications that make it unsafe for her to drive, she needs someone with her on appointment days. With 24-hour caregivers, she always has a ride, no matter if it’s an early-morning appointment or one late in the afternoon.

Someone Is With Her in the Night

Some cancer treatments make it hard to sleep through the night. She may wake up in pain. When you’re in pain and are alone, the stress and anxiety can make it feel so much worse. With 24-hour home care, she’s not alone. She has a caregiver with her for support until the pain subsides.

If she wakes up and feels nauseous, she has a caregiver to help her clean up or sit with her until it passes. Sometimes, she’ll feel lightheaded. If she does pass out, her caregiver is there, no matter what time it is.

You Have Peace of Mind

When you live far away, the stress you experience is just as alarming. You worry about your mom day and night. You worry that she’s gotten out of bed and wonder if she showered without falling. You’re nervous that she’s not exercising.

Other things that cause anxiety are questions like if she took her medications, if she’s eating properly, and if she is getting the groceries and household supplies she needs. You’re not close by to check for yourself.

Caregivers provide you with peace of mind. You’ll get feedback to keep you updated on your mom’s health, activities, and upcoming appointments. You always know what’s going on and how she’s doing.

Making Arrangements for 24-Hour Home Care

Arrange 24-hour home care by making a call. A specialist will walk you through the different services and prices to help you decide the best care plan for her needs. From there, you can make the arrangements she needs.

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