Elder Care: Questions to Ask Your Dad About His Medical Information

It’s Organize Your Medical Information Month. Now is the time to find out if your dad has his medical information posted somewhere in his home for family members, medical professionals and elder care providers to access in an emergency.

Sit down and ask your dad these four questions to ensure his information is complete. These answers can help in providing the correct elder care services.

What Health Issues Have Past Generations Experienced?

Elder Care Elizabethtown PA - Elder Care: Questions to Ask Your Dad About His Medical Information

Elder Care Elizabethtown PA – Elder Care: Questions to Ask Your Dad About His Medical Information

Your dad’s health is important, but what about his parents’ and grandparents’ health issues? Do his brothers and sisters have any health issues that increase his risk for developing them? This is all information that can help him talk to his doctor. It also helps you with your own medical planning.

Some health issues do seem to pass down from one generation to the next. Colorectal cancer, heart disease, and breast cancer are a few of them. If you know of these health histories, you can ensure your dad is tested for them as early as possible. You can also get tested early, which helps when it comes to early treatments.

When Was His Last Check-Up?

When was your dad’s last check-up? If it’s been over a year, it’s time to talk to him about scheduling an appointment. He may be embarrassed that he’s missed so many tests, but he must start catching up.

If he’s concerned a doctor will scold him, make sure he’s aware that any doctor will be happy he’s taking the steps now. He doesn’t need to worry, as he’s not the first older adult to avoid seeing a doctor each year. NORC at the University of Chicago found that about four out of ten adults skip medical exams and tests.

Does Your Dad Have Any Chronic Health Conditions?

What chronic health conditions does your dad have? If his doctor diagnosed him with diabetes, you need to make sure he’s following the doctor’s recommendations for diet and exercise. If he has high blood pressure, he may be taking prescription drugs and told to avoid high sodium foods.

If you’re aware of his health concerns, you can help him better take care of himself. He may not like to exercise, but he’s more willing to do so if someone joins him on walks. If a helping hand is enough to get him to take care of himself, it’s worthwhile to have someone with him each day or week.

Does He Take His Prescription Medications Correctly?

When your dad has a tough time keeping track of his prescriptions, it’s an excellent time to address elder care benefits. Instead of him struggling to remember if he got up and took his daily pills, he has a caregiver to track it for him. His caregiver can remind him to eat something first or take the pills before he eats.

Elder care aides also track when refills are needed, take him to the pharmacy to get them, and alert his doctor if a new prescription is required. Call our specialist in elder care to learn more.

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