What a Home Health Care Nurse Offers

Home health care nurses make a difference in how your dad recovers after an illness, fall, or surgery. Nurses can also help him with comfort if he’s been diagnosed with a terminal condition and doesn’t want to spend the rest of his time in a hospital room.

Rather than offering a helping hand with his medical care needs, you can hire a nurse to help him. It reduces stress for you and ensures he has the quality care he needs at home.

How Home Health Care Nurses Can Help

Home Health Care Hershey PA - What a Home Health Care Nurse Offers

Home Health Care Hershey PA – What a Home Health Care Nurse Offers

The services a home health care nurse offer depends on the nursing level. An agency will match you with the right nurses or specialists for your dad’s needs.

A registered nurse can insert IV lines and administer medications through the IV or injections. They can also help with wound care, bandage/dressing changes, blood draws, vital signs, and physical assessments that they discuss with your dad’s doctor.

A licensed vocational nurse usually works under an RN and handles wound care and dressing changes, and medication administration that’s not given through an IV or injection. They can handle vital signs, too. A licensed nursing assistant also helps with communication with the RN and takes vital signs.

You can also have skilled professionals like dietitians to help with nutritional guidance. Suppose he has high blood pressure and needs a low-sodium diet, he can learn how to choose the right foods at home.

Therapists can come in and help your dad with therapy sessions like occupational, physical, and speech. He doesn’t have to leave the house and find a way to get to his appointments. They come to his house.

What Happens Next?

When your dad’s doctor recommends home health care nurses, you’ll go over your dad’s needs for care at home and come up with possible services to help him. Talk to a home health nurse about the doctor’s plans. The best care plan is arranged, and nurses are assigned to help out with medical needs and report to the doctor.

With nurses helping out, you can focus on the other aspects of care your dad needs. You’ll be free to help him with housework. Learn any new diet from the dietitian who comes to work with him. You can take over grocery shopping and meal preparation if he’d like. You can also do the laundry and help him with scheduling follow-up appointments.

Learn more about all of these home health care services by making a call. Ask our local agency what is offered locally and get information about scheduling and prices. You’ll soon have the right care plan established and scheduled.

If you or a loved one are considering Home Health Care Services near Hershey PA, contact the caring staff at Extended Family Care of Lancaster. Call today at (717) 205-2174.

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