Personal Care at Home: Ways a Healthy Diet Changes Your Dad’s Life

Sometimes, older adults don’t enjoy cooking meals. They struggle to cook for one person, so they stop trying. Your dad is prone to grabbing something from the freezer, or he orders a lot of takeout meals. His doctor says that needs to stop. It’s going to take work to improve your dad’s diet, but it will also impact his health in surprising ways. This can be accomplished with the assistance from personal care at home services.

Here are six of the changes he’ll start to experience when he’s eating a nutritionally balanced diet.

Personal Care at Home Columbia PA - Ways a Healthy Diet Changes Your Dad's Life

Personal Care at Home Columbia PA – Personal Care at Home: Ways a Healthy Diet Changes Your Dad’s Life

He Sleeps Through the Night

With a full stomach, your dad is less likely to wake from hunger pangs in the middle of the night. If he has enough fiber, it takes longer for his body to digest it. That leads to a better night’s sleep.

His Energy Levels Improve

When your dad skips carbs from sugary and processed foods, he’ll find his energy levels improve. He stops dealing with the carb crashes from saturated fats, excessive starches, and added sugar.

His Mood Changes for the Better

Sugary, starchy foods can drag you down. They impact your mood in negative ways. When your dad switches to healthier options that are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, he’ll find it also helps with his mood. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins are also known to help with mood.

His Bones Are Stronger

If your dad falls and his bones are fragile, he’s more likely to suffer a fracture with thinning bones. A healthy diet strengthens bones. Foods that promote vitamin D and calcium stores are especially helpful at helping strengthen the bones.

His Muscles and Wounds Heal Faster

Exercise damages the muscles and ligaments. By eating foods with plenty of nutrients, your dad helps heighten faster repairs to muscles and ligaments. Plus, the added vitamins and minerals help promote skin cell health, which speeds up wound healing.

His Blood Pressure Improves

When your dad eats the right balance of foods and skips processed foods throughout the day, he’s more likely to lose excess weight. It also helps lower inflammation in the body. Low-sodium foods also benefit the body. That helps lower your dad’s blood pressure.

Talk to a personal care at home specialist about the benefits of meal preparation services. With a caregiver’s help, your dad will develop balanced meal plans and enjoy a range of healthier snacks and meals. Call our personal care at home agency to get started.

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