Help Seniors Prepare for an Emergency

There are times when senior citizens are in an emergency situation. Even though they have gone through a lot in their life, sometimes, they might panic. Unfortunately, when someone panics during an emergency event, things often turn out much worse. However, things can have a chance of going better for your elderly loved one in an emergency if you help them to prepare ahead of time. You can also make sure the professional caregivers that offer in-home care services know about these emergency plans, too.

Learning About Various Events

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There are a host of different emergencies that your elderly loved one could be faced with. Learning about these various events can better help to prepare your elderly loved one for what could happen. The most common emergency events, depending on where a person is located, include:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Damaging high winds
  • Major floods
  • Blizzards
  • Falls
  • Fire

Other emergency events might happen. However, these are the most common throughout the world. It is important for you and your elderly loved one to have a plan for what to do in each of these events. Even if you think they will never happen, if there is a possibility (even if it is only a slight one) in the area where your elderly loved one lives, making a plan for if it does happen is always the best bet.

Creating Those Plans

Even though it can be tough to stick to a pre-created plan during an emergency, having a plan is always better than not having one. It may even be a good idea for your elderly loved one to practice these plans. That way, if an actual emergency happens, they will be even more prepared to do the right thing.

  • Some of the things that should be included in the emergency plans include:
  • Having a fire escape plan
  • Making a plan for what to do if your loved one falls
  • Having a written plan to practice in case of a natural disaster
  • Making a list of family member’s and home care provider’s addresses and numbers
  • Writing down any medical information including insurance information for your elderly loved one
  • Make sure any caregivers that provide in-home care services have your phone number (that way, if they are at your loved one’s house during the emergency they can call you after it happens)

These are some of the best things to include when creating emergency plans. Remember, it is not a bad idea for you and your elderly loved one to practice the emergency plans together. That way, if you are at your elderly loved one’s home when the emergency occurs, you also have some practice in what you are going to do or how you might react.

Including In-Home Care Providers in Your Preparation

Numerous natural disasters could occur where your elderly loved one lives. However, natural disasters are not the only emergencies they might encounter. Your elderly loved one could also have a house fire, a fall, or another emergency. Hopefully, with the information above, you can help your elderly loved one to prepare in case any emergency does happen.


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