Foods Seniors Should Eat To Help Protect Their Teeth

May is National Dental Care Awareness Month and it’s a great time for seniors to think more carefully about what they’re eating. Getting regular dental care is important, but so is making sure to eat foods that are healthy. The foods that seniors are eating can directly impact the health of their teeth and gums. And for seniors keeping their teeth healthy is very important. Dental problems and tooth loss can make other health problems worse and put seniors at risk of getting life-threatening infections. Having companion care at home services for your senior can help with their dental care.

Some of the foods that you and your senior’s companion care at home providers can guide seniors in eating to help protect their teeth are:

Dairy Foods

Companion Care at Home Elizabethtown PA - Foods Seniors Should Eat To Help Protect Their Teeth

Companion Care at Home Elizabethtown PA – Foods Seniors Should Eat To Help Protect Their Teeth

Dairy foods like milk and cheese are often recommended for seniors because they contain calcium. Calcium is essential for healthy bones, and for healthy teeth. Teeth are bones so getting calcium from dairy products can help keep teeth strong. Dairy foods also contain casein, which is a component only food in natural milk. Casein has been shown in studies to help harden tooth enamel. A diet that contains natural dairy products can help seniors keep their teeth strong as they get older.

Crunchy Green Vegetables

Most of the time when people think about healthy green vegetables they think about leafy green vegetables. Leafy green vegetables are healthy, but so are crunchy green veggies like celery, broccoli, and onions. These veggies act like a natural toothbrush to remove plaque, bits of food, and other dental caries from your mouth throughout the day. If your senior loved one has trouble making healthy meals that incorporate green vegetables in a tasty way companion care at home providers can help. With companion care at home services, you can be sure that your senior loved one is eating only healthy and delicious meals.


Drinking water is essential for seniors. Many seniors struggle with dehydration for a lot of different reasons. And the health problems that can result from dehydration can become a big problem for seniors. One of those side effects of not drinking enough water is that your senior loved one can develop dental problems. Saliva helps wash the teeth throughout the day and get rid of plaque and bacteria that can cause cavities and gingivitis. When your senior loved one isn’t getting enough water during the day they can suffer from cavities, gingivitis, dry mouth, and other dental problems as a result.

Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruit is a fantastic way for seniors to get the healthy vitamins and minerals they need while also getting antioxidants that help prevent damage to the teeth. The Vitamin C in citrus fruit will boost a senior’s immune system and help them avoid infections, like dental infections. But, your senior parent shouldn’t start eating a lot of grapefruit until you are sure that the medications they are currently taking won’t have a bad interaction with that fruit. Some medicines may have a bad reaction when combined with citrus fruit, especially grapefruit juice. Make sure that your senior loved one clears it with their doctor before they start eating a lot of citrus fruit.

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