Home Health Care for Stroke Recovery Patients

Many stroke survivors want to go back to their homes to live. However, sometimes, even with help from their family members, recovery can be very difficult at home. The good news is that many of these survivors do great with home health care services.

Physical Therapy with Home Health Care Providers

Home Health Care Columbia PA - Home Health Care for Stroke Recovery Patients

Home Health Care Columbia PA – Home Health Care for Stroke Recovery Patients

One of the services that your elderly loved one can get from home health care providers is physical therapy. The type of provider that comes out will be different than services such as companion care. Physical therapy services can help your elderly loved one restore at least some of their physical functioning. This service can also treat problems with coordination, balance, and movement.

Occupational Therapy

Another way that caregiver services can help your elderly loved one is by providing them with occupational therapy. When using this service, your elderly loved one can relearn or develop strategies to complete activities of daily living. For example, the care providers may help them to relearn how to get dressed, walk, or eat.

Speech-Language Therapy

If your elderly loved one had a stroke, they are likely going to develop speech issues that may never be completely recovered. However, there are many stroke survivors who can speak well again with the help of speech-language therapy. If this is something your elderly loved one needs help with or if they need help with swallowing, speech-language therapy may be the answer.

Mental Health Services

Many people who suffer from a stroke do experience mental health issues. It can be difficult to cope with the behavior and emotional changes that occur after a stroke. The physical changes such as not getting full muscle movement back can be tough to deal with, as well. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, talk to them about receiving therapy services. It may do them more good than they think it will.

Companion Care

Along with the services that are noted above, your elderly loved one may just need someone to vent to or spend time with after they come home from the hospital. You may still have to go to work or go back home quickly to take care of your household. If this is the case, don’t worry. You can always get home health care services for your elderly loved one. That way, the companion care providers can come over to spend time with your elderly loved one.

Hire Home Health Care Providers

Did your elderly loved one have a stroke? If they survived it, they may still be in the hospital or about ready to come home, but who is going to care for them? You may be able to help, but maybe not as much as they need. If that is the case, feel free to book home health care services. That way, the elderly care providers can help your elderly loved one with all the tasks they need assistance with from getting dressed to eating to having someone to talk to.

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