Fun Activities For Seniors When It’s Too Hot To Be Outside

Sometimes the summer sun is too much for seniors and they need to spend time indoors to escape it. Seniors should get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine when they can, but sometimes during those summer heat waves, it’s just too hot for seniors to go outside. Companion care at home providers can make sure they are keeping comfortable in the course of a day.

When the summer heat is making temperatures soar and seniors need to find things to do indoors, these activities are perfect for seniors.

Video Games

Companion Care at Home Ephrata PA - Fun Activities For Seniors When It’s Too Hot To Be Outside

Companion Care at Home Ephrata PA – Fun Activities For Seniors When It’s Too Hot To Be Outside

Video games are a great way for seniors to spend some time indoors while still having fun and getting some valuable social interactions. Some types of games allow seniors to interact with other players in real-time. They can make friends and chat with people while playing the game and they can also enjoy the storyline of the game. Playing video games also helps seniors with hand-eye coordination and prevents cognitive decline.

Board Games with a Companion Care at Home Aide

Board games never go out of style. With companion care at home, your senior parent will always have someone around that will play their favorite board games with them. Companion care at home helps seniors get through those long days when they are stuck inside. Make sure that your senior loved one has a full library of their favorite classic board games and add a few new ones that are specifically designed for seniors. Classic board games often come in editions designed for seniors that have bigger print and easier to grip pieces so look for those where you get board games.

Classic TV Marathons

There are so many on-demand streaming services these days that you can easily find some of the best TV series of the Golden Age of TV available for streaming. You and your senior parent can enjoy a mid-day marathon of some of the classic TV shows that your senior watched and loved when they were young. If you can’t be there with your senior parent for a classic TV marathon a companion can be there to watch and enjoy those classic stories with your senior parent.

If your senior loved one doesn’t have a subscription to any streaming service there are also DVD collections of most classic TV series that you can buy. You may want to surprise your senior loved one with a set of DVDs of their favorite TV program or some of their favorite movies so that you can have a TV or movie marathon the next time you visit them.


Crafts are so much fun! Seniors love doing crafts, especially if they’re learning new crafts that they have always wanted to try. Knitting, sewing, painting, sculpting, and even cooking are all fun crafts and hobbies for seniors to try. Your senior parent may discover that they have a talent for playing an instrument, drawing, or some other artistic craft that they never had the chance to try before. A companion care at home aide who is helping your senior parent can encourage them to keep going when they are trying something new if they get discouraged.

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