Things Seniors Should Do To Protect Their Homes At Night

Seniors that are aging in place need to make home security a priority. Seniors sometimes are targets of theft or crime because it’s assumed that they are alone and that it would be easy to break into their homes. But with 24-hour home care providers available and a few home security tweaks, seniors can be quite safe at home no matter what time of the day it is.

The best home security tips for seniors include:

24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care Lancaster City PA - Things Seniors Should Do To Protect Their Homes At Night

24-Hour Home Care Lancaster City PA – Things Seniors Should Do To Protect Their Homes At Night

24-hour home care is a fantastic investment for seniors. With 24-hour home care seniors are never alone. There is always someone with them to help them with housework, get them a snack, monitor their medical equipment, and make sure that they are safe. Criminals are much less likely to try and steal from a senior who has a caregiver with them all the time. And at night a caregiver will be awake and alert while your senior loved one enjoys some restorative sleep.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells that are controlled by an app on a smartphone or tablet are fantastic for seniors. If the doorbell rings seniors can answer it by opening the app and seeing who is at the door on the camera. They can communicate with the person at the door by speaking into their phone and they never even have to get up. And because the camera records there will be a video record of everyone that comes to the door. If there is a problem or a suspicious person there will be a clear video recording of them that can be used to track them down. And if you are on the account you will be able to see the doorbell and answer it through the app also.

Motion Activated Security Lights

It used to be the case that installing motion-activated security lights was a big deal because they had to be hardwired into the garage wiring and house wiring. But now motion-activated security lights work off of WiFi so they can be easily installed anywhere on your senior parent’s property. There are also motion-activated security lights with built-in cameras to record whatever trips the light and makes it turn on. Your senior parent will have additional protection with motion-activated security lights, and they will also have lights to light up walkways and the driveway at night so that your senior loved one doesn’t trip if they are coming home after dark.

A Garage

A garage is an expensive upgrade if there isn’t one at the house already. However, one of the most common tactics of criminals is to open a car door and rifle through the car for money or valuables. If your senior loved one has a garage they can keep their car locked inside the garage to protect it from thieves, and so can your senior loved one’s caregiver. Most thieves won’t even bother approaching a house that has a garage because the chance of getting caught is too great.

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