Learn About the Role of Skilled Nursing Care After a Stroke

The World Stroke Organization reports that 25% of the world’s 25+ population will have at least one stroke in their lifetime. Over 12 million people around the globe will have a stroke in the next year. It’s hard to tell if or when a stroke will hit your family, so you need to be prepared. FAST (Face, Arm, Speech, Time) is essential for any family to learn. The faster medical treatments are given, the better the odds of surviving a stroke. Your dad had a stroke and is going to survive, but he has a long recovery ahead. It’s important that your family looks into skilled nursing care services for the weeks ahead.

Where Did the Stroke Occur and How Did It Affect Him?

Skilled Nursing Care New Holland PA - Learn About the Role of Skilled Nursing Care After a Stroke

Skilled Nursing Care New Holland PA – Learn About the Role of Skilled Nursing Care After a Stroke

The location of the blocked blood vessel or ruptured vessel dictates the side of the body that was affected. If the vessel was on the left side of the brain, loss of function on the right side is common. If it was on the right side, the left side is affected.

Not only is speech affected after a stroke, but there’s also the chance that your dad’s arms and legs will not move. He’ll be partially paralyzed, and this may improve with physical therapy and healing, but he may always need a walker or wheelchair.

Your dad’s stamina and strength will be affected. He may tire easily, so you’ll need to make sure he has the chance to sit and rest as often as he needs. His memory retention may also not be great.

As you spend time with him, talk slowly and enunciate everything. You have to be patient. You also need to realize that some of the care he needs will be more than you can handle. That’s where skilled nursing care is essential.

What Can Skilled Nursing Care Do?

After a stroke, your dad has to work with a physical therapist to regain grip strength, mobility, and balance. Getting him into your car, out of your car, and into a therapist’s office can be too much. Skilled nursing care at home eliminates these trips out of the home until he’s able to move around a bit more.

Your dad’s ability to swallow may be impacted. A skilled nurse can manage tube feedings, IV fluids, and medication administration. If he has injectable or IV medications he has to have every day, his RN can take care of them. If his dietary needs change, nurses can help with that, too.

Get started arranging the care your dad most needs. Talk to his doctors for a list of what the next weeks and months will entail. Then, call our skilled nursing care specialist to learn more about services, prices, and schedules.

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