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Take These Precautions Planning a Celebration

Home Care Elizabethtown PA-If you are planning a holiday celebration, make sure you're doing so safely by taking these precautions and take advantage of home care aides to help your loved one.

Easter falls on April 4th this year. In many areas, people are still waiting on COVID-19 vaccinations. Until more get vaccinated, gatherings in family homes aren’t always possible. If you are planning a holiday celebration, make sure you’re doing so safely by taking these precautions and take advantage of home care aides to help your loved one.

Make Sure Everyone is Healthy

Home Care Elizabethtown PA – Take These Precautions Planning a Celebration

COVID-19 isn’t the only virus that your parents could get. Strep, the flu, or a cold call all be detrimental. If you’re going to gather as a family for Easter, people need to make sure they’re healthy. If your brother learns one of the students in his son’s class was diagnosed with strep throat, he and his family should stay home.

Have It Outside

Your parents may have already gotten their COVID-19 shot. If so, that adds a layer of protection to your gathering. Others may not have though, so you still need to be careful. If the weather is warm enough, have your gathering outside.

Everyone can bring a dish that’s easy to serve and eat outside. Slices of ham or turkey, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and homemade baked beans are good options.

It’s easier to spread out when you’re outside. Plus, the open air keeps germs from being trapped in one room.

Gather Online in a Live Chat

Instead of gathering at one person’s house, get together for a chat on a service like Zoom. You’ll be in separate homes, but you still get to see each other and chat about your lives and activities.

You could also use a streaming service and host a viewing party on a service like Teleparty or Hulu’s Watch Party. You all watch a movie or show together, but you’re on the screen for a live chat where you can talk about things as you watch.

Sterilize Everything at the End of the Day

Before you leave, clean your parents’ home. Wipe down anything people touched such as doorknobs, toilet and sink levers and knobs, refrigerator and appliance handles, light switches, counters, and remotes. A spray that kills viruses and adds a layer of protection for 24-hours, such as Microban, is a good choice for sterilizing surfaces.

Are Your Parents Supported with Home Care Services When Family Isn’t Around?

What happens in your parents’ home when you’re not around? Do your mom and dad eat well or do they rely on frozen dinners and canned soups and pasta dishes? Are they getting enough exercise and taking care of their self-care needs?

When you’re a long-distance caregiver, it’s tough to know how well your parents manage when you’re not there. Video chats and phone calls only allow you to see so much. With home care services, someone is stopping by each day or week to check on your parents. Home care aides can make sure they’re doing well and take care of things that they’re not getting done independently.

If you or a loved one are considering Home Care Services near Elizabethtown PA, contact the caring staff at Extended Family Care of Lancaster. Call today at (717) 205-2174.

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