What is the Importance of Helping Your Parent Leave a Legacy?

Many elderly adults struggle with feeling like they are no longer relevant, or that they no longer make a significant impact to the people or world around them. They may worry that they will not be remembered, or that their family will push them aside. This can be extremely distressing for a senior.

Elder Care Monroeville PA - What is the Importance of Helping Your Parent Leave a Legacy?

Elder Care Monroeville PA – What is the Importance of Helping Your Parent Leave a Legacy?

As a family caregiver, it is important for you to support your aging parent, and help them to recognize that they are still valuable, and that they will continue to be even after their life comes to an end. September is What Will Be Your Legacy Month, and this is the ideal opportunity for you to help your parent find ways to leave a lasting, meaningful legacy for the generations to come.

Some ways that leaving a legacy is important for your aging parent include:

  • Making them feel recognized and important
  • Giving them the opportunity to record things of value to them, and ensure they will be passed through the generations
  • Allowing your family to maintain cultural and family traditions. This helps to create a stronger bond within the family, and a sense of togetherness and identity that will continue through the generations.
  • Providing quality time and a sense of bonding between your aging parent and you
  • Creating lasting, meaningful memories you can treasure even after your care relationship comes to an end
  • Giving your parent the opportunity to reach out to generations that have not yet been born, or to be a part of future events, such as weddings of grandchildren or great-grandchildren, even if they are not around to actually be there
  • Giving you greater insight into your aging parent as a person, which can be valuable to you and your own identity, as well as influencing the care you give them.


Simply because your aging parent is getting older does not mean they are not able to enjoy an active, engaged, and fulfilling lifestyle. Starting elder care for your parent can be a fantastic way to help them pursue a higher quality of life, while also managing their health, safety, and personal needs in the ways that are right for them.

This elder care provider offers a set of services that is fully customizable and adaptable. This means your parent will have access to the care, systems, and support that is right for them now, and also feel confident that if their needs or challenges change or increase, the care will adapt along with them so they can continue to enjoy it this quality of life and independence as much as possible as they age.

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