Finding the right way to introduce the concept of welcoming home care providers into your senior’s home doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems at first. You might just need to let your senior come around to the benefits herself.

Home Care North Hills PA - Four Ways to Introduce Home Care Effectively

Home Care North Hills PA – Four Ways to Introduce Home Care Effectively

Look for Openings in Regular Daily Conversations

You can try to force the conversation with your elderly family member, but these types of topics tend to be better received when they arise spontaneously. You can take advantage of openings in regular daily conversations and see if there are ways to naturally talk to your senior about how home care could be a huge benefit for her.

Pay Attention to Your Senior’s Reactions

When you do use those natural conversational openings, pay some close attention to how your senior reacts to the conversation. If she always changes the subject or shuts the conversation down entirely, there’s a lot more there that you might have to unpack together. Her negative reaction may stem from misunderstandings about what home care is there to do. When your senior is willing to talk, make sure that you listen closely to what she’s saying. Really listening is one of the best gifts you can give her.

Find Ways to Give Her Choices and Control

One of the aspects of life that can really present problems for your senior as she gets older is the fact that so much is taken out of her realm of control. Life is like that for most people, of course, but it becomes even more obvious for your senior. If you can find ways to give her as much choice and control as possible, that can help to offset some of the feelings she’s experiencing. This may also help her to be more open to having some extra help.

Take the Pressure Off

When you know something is good for your elderly family member, you’re likely to campaign for that solution pretty diligently. But if pressuring your senior doesn’t usually make much of a difference for her, you might want to ease up a bit. Continue to talk to her about meeting her needs, and mention home care services as an option, but don’t try to pressure her into going the way you want her to go.

This isn’t an easy decision for your senior or for you, really. What matters is that you’re doing the best that you can to provide her with the help that she needs, both from you and from home care providers.

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