Keeping track of medications can get extremely confusing for your senior, particularly if she’s dealing with recovering from a surgery or there are big changes to her current medication roster. Home health care can be the way to deal with those problems, because they can make medication management much easier for your senior and for you.

Home Health Care Shadyside PA - Does Your Senior Need Help with Medication Management?

Home Health Care Shadyside PA – Does Your Senior Need Help with Medication Management?

Deciphering Doctor’s Orders

Your senior may find that her doctor’s instructions are difficult to follow, especially if your senior is expected to take new medications and discontinue ones that she’s used to taking. There may also be some details that are easy to forget, like taking medications at a specific time or taking them with food. Having home health care providers put those instructions into a format that is easily understandable is so helpful.

Putting Together a Schedule

Having a schedule that your senior and you can look at and easily understand is important as well. Home health care providers can put everything that you both need to know in an easily understandable format. Once your senior has access to that schedule as well, she knows what to expect and when she needs to be taking specific medications.

Tracking Medication Compliance

There’s more to it than just knowing when to take medication, though. If your senior is resistant to taking her medications, home health care can assist with that, too. They can help your senior to understand why she needs to take her medications as prescribed, too, if that’s been a problem in the past. As your senior takes her medication more regularly, she may start to see the results that she really wants, which is for her health to improve.

Monitoring Side Effects

Keeping track of side effects is another important part of the process. With new medications, there are the side effects that your senior is experiencing because of that change. If she’s already taking other medications, too, they may have interactions that are important to monitor. Having an experienced nurse doing that monitoring helps to ensure that your elderly family member’s doctor has up-to-date information about what’s going on.

Making sure that your senior has what she needs in order to take her medications properly is a big part of keeping her as healthy as possible. If the medications that she is taking are temporary, she may only need temporary assistance. But if they’re a permanent change, she can get help with that, too.

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