After a heart attack, your dad’s daily routines will change. Skilled nurses and home care services help him with those changes.

Quick Health Assessments

Home Health Care Oakland PA - Eight Ways Skilled Nurses Improve Your Dad's Life After a Heart Attack

Home Health Care Oakland PA – Eight Ways Skilled Nurses Improve Your Dad’s Life After a Heart Attack

A nurse can do a quick check of your dad’s mood, view if he’s active or sluggish, and see how he’s feeling. If there are concerns that something doesn’t seem right, the nurse can alert the doctor and see if he should go to the medical office or hospital.

Vital Signs

A skilled nurse can stop by each day and take your dad’s vital signs. Blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, plus, and respiration all help a doctor know if everything is going okay or if your dad should come in for a check-up.

IV Care

If your dad has any IV medications or fluids that he needs to keep taking, home health care nurses can help out. He may need antibiotics to prevent or treat an infection. Skilled nurses can administer those IV medications.

Medication Management

Your dad may be taking several medications. He may need pain medications for the first week. Skilled nurses can administer medications.

Disease Instruction

As your dad heals, family members may have questions. The doctor may have addressed some of this, but it’s often hard to pay full attention in a busy hospital. Skilled nurses can teach your dad and your family how he needs to care for himself to recovery and stay as healthy as possible.

Incision Care

If he had surgery, there will be an incision that needs careful attention. Skilled nurses can change the bandages, check that the wound is healing properly, and consult with the doctor if there are concerns.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Your dad could have to travel to his therapist’s office throughout the week, or they could come to him. Home health care options that include having occupational and physical therapy in the house are helpful as he heals.

Education Regarding Dietary Improvements

If diet was a concern, with home health care, nurses can teach your dad and family members the right diet to improve heart health. The diet does need to shift to whole grains, low-fat, low-sodium, low-sugar, fresh produce, limited meats, etc. This can require a learning curve.

Home health care is a must, but your dad will also benefit from home care services. Hire home care aides to help him keep track of appointments, transportation, and grocery inventory.

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Nicole Kelly, Branch Administrator